Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, a "new to me" garden visit

I love to travel and visit new places, especially nurseries, as well as public and private gardens. That's all been on hold of course, with COVID. So it was an especially fun treat when I ended up near McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse recently...

I've been here a few times, dining with friends, but rarely—maybe only once—in the daytime and never with extra time to walk around the gardens, so this was a very welcome event. 

Illicium mexicanum, I believe...

Such an interesting flower.

The entire plant...

Wall of Stachyurus salicifolius, which certainly had me looking differently at my plant.
Edgeworthia planted next to a pathway is always a nice treat.

Also along the pathway were several hollowed out stumps planted up with various succulents, heavy on the Aloe aristata, some looking better than others.

This green (mossy) roof was visible from around the garden. We'll see it again soon.

Daphne some something, the good smelling one that's in a lot of gardens it seems (but not mine).

This is a large property, six acres total, located roughly 20 miles west of my home in NE Portland.

That mossy roof from earlier...

Lots of room here for big events on the lawn.

And here we are, at the base of the mossy roof building.

Love this trellis.

Love that roof!

Cunninghamia lanceolata 'Glauca'

A nice little patch of aspidistra...

Lots of space to dine under the trees...

Rake head as vine support?

Wire vine alert!

The main dining space...

Adjacent to an outdoor dining space.

And even more room to spread out.

This was a head-scratcher. No visible signs of damage, but an obviously unhappy Daphniphyllum.

I wonder what's got it down?

And can it be saved?

A near-by Schefflera taiwaniana looked great.

And the many patches of euphorbia around the garden were lush and healthy.

This installation was at the edge of another open event space. From the side I could see there was a food-service area "hidden" between the two fences, clever! 

Finally a few shots of the lovely loquats and their blooms...

Tomorrow we'll return to look at a few containers near the outdoor dining area, let me just give you a single word teaser... agaves!

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  1. It's amazing the plant selection they have. Is this where we ate before with Gerhard on our first visit?

  2. Fun visit. I can imagine how perfumed the air was with Daphne odora in full bloom near by. The fern'd roof is just amazing. I think it's probably licorice fern; I love that look.

    1. Between having a stuffy nose and wherein a mask I couldn’t smell the daphne!

  3. I fell in love with that Illicium mexicanum at first sight. Sadly, moist soil isn't something I can offer.

    1. If it’s a moist soil fan it must be on summer irrigation here.

  4. I love the moss and green roofs, and that metal trellis caught my eye as well. So nice to see things growing and blooming again!

    1. I feel so lucky to live so where spring some early.

  5. Love this garden. Lots of character. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  6. Great find! Thanks for the photos.

  7. Such an interesting place! The plants are marvelous! It is all so different from the desert here!

  8. What a wonderful space. Great plants and great design at every level.


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