Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ganna's sunny patio

Ganna Walska that is, the lady who created Lotusland.

I don't recall seeing this patio on my previous visits to Lotusland, I think it's tucked away, of the main pathway, just enough that most visitors miss it.

I've read that Ganna preferred living in the pavilion, adjacent to the main house, that would mean this patio was hers to enjoy.

I wonder what it looked like then? The furniture could be from that era...

But that tillandisa tree? Perhaps...

And who lives here now?

We were allowed to enter part of the house when viewing the origami exhibit (here).

The perfect centerpiece bromeliad, well, for a table at Lotusland.

Okay, let's look at the plantings in the narrow strip around the patio and house...

Tall cactus, clumping bromeliad (Aechmea recurvata v. recurvata?) short round cactus, repeat. Quite successful I think.

Yes I really did want to kick those rocks back in before taking this photo, but I resisted.

And have I mentioned how much I wish I could put bromeliads in the ground? Yes, I suppose I have...

Weather Diary, Nov 11: Hi 62, Low 44/ Precip 0

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  1. Wonderful! I love the Tillandsia tree, thanks so much for the closeups of it. The foundation planting is very successful, I agree. I too would have been tempted to kick those stones back into place (actually, I think I would have done it). I managed to curb my interest in Bromeliads by killing too many over the winter. I'm not quite sure what it takes over the summer to make them thrive either, more care than I'm willing to offer, I suspect.

    1. I find bromeliads to be almost carefree, especially in the summer. Over the winter time (due to the dry air inside the house) I mist them occasionally, but that's it.

  2. At first sight, even before you posed the question, I was wondering the same thing about what the space looked like back when Walska lived there. I love the Tillandsia tree and know that I'm now going to be scouring around for limbs I can use to mock up something like that.

  3. A wonderful patio set, artistic and dramatic, I love everything about it including the perfect(!) blooming bromeliad as it's center piece. I'd add a large umbrella for shade, but that is a minor detail. What's the plant covering a major part of the wall?

    1. The leaves look like a magnolia don't they? Interesting. I have to say I didn't really pay any attention to it when I was there.

  4. I too wonder what it looked like back in the day. Having a sunny stucco-surrounded patio myself, reflected heat will make them miserably hot even on a mild day. Bet Madame had at least an umbrella.

    1. Yes she probably did, or maybe there was a tree or two closer.

  5. The Tillandsia tree is pretty fabulous - a work of art!


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