Friday, April 3, 2020

Part Two of my 2019 visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden

Yesterday I began a tour through the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California, with photos I took in 2019, today we continue...

The spiral aloe, Aloe polyphylla. I had one of these with a good spiral going, unfortunately I was careless when I took it out of the shade pavilion greenhouse one spring and it was burnt so badly by the sun that it would have taken forever to grow out of the damage, I just tossed it.

Last spring Alison of the blog Bonney Lassie brought me a baby plant she grew from seed, it's amazing how much it grew over the summertime. I'm being very careful with this one, no sunburn— and no snails!

Another amazing Agave ovatifolia...

The agaves are numerous in the garden.

The flowering plant is a sonchus of some sort, I'm not sure which one, but they're all in the dandelion tribe.

Acacia cognata 'Cousin Itt'

Agaves I'm not going to attempt to identify...

Agave 'Sun Glow'

I have no memory whatsoever of the plant these "cheese curl" blooms were attached to.

The nursery! Wanna buy some plants? I know, me too...

Opuntia sulphurea 'Penca'

They were getting ready for a plant sale the day after our visit, so there were extra tables set up. That's new visitor/education center building behind the plants.

Leucopermum 'Veldfire'

Doesn't this sign seem to say "you know you want to come back here, but you can't... so there!"?

Wowsa! This aloe was next to the parking lot.

This guy is just daring you to try and park there. Doesn't it look like he could slide right off the wall and on to the front of your car?

$225 and this beauty went home with someone.

I'll finish this post with a look at the "fence gang"...

This is a smart way to secure a plant while it roots.

I hope you have a chance to visit the garden sometime soon, after things return to some semblance of normal...

Weather Diary, Apr 2: Hi 52, Low 40/ Precip .07

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Part One of my 2019 visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden

Last year on this date I boarded an early morning flight to Sacramento, CA, where my friend Gerhard was waiting curbside to pick me up. The next morning we would be leaving his place in Davis, bound for Santa Barbara and the Bromeliad Summit. It's rather surreal how different things are now...

Before the Bromeliad Summit however we spent Thursday afternoon at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Now seemed like a great time to relive the experience through my photos.

This was my first visit with the new garden entrance, you now enter through the nursery with a fancy visitors center (we'll see more of both of those tomorrow) before stepping out into the garden and seeing the—for me—signature plant of the garden, the Agave franzosinii, I do love the franzosinii...

Of course I love all agaves!

"Ruth's folly" is visible just to the right of this agave pair...

Some of the protective winter plant covers were still in place around the garden, thankfully the large one around the shade structure had been removed. All the better to appreciate the blooming aloes.

There's Gerhard...

I wonder if the solid green Agave attenuata ever feel jealous of the variegated guy's flashy stripes?

I think that's an Agave ovatifolia...

Maybe Agave horrida?

I've no clue if yellow is a healthy color for that cactus or not. It certainly is striking.

So much movement, even when they're perfectly still...

I'm going to dial back my chatter and let you wander the garden in peace...

Agave ovatifolia


Agave ovatifolia

Banksia carlinoides

Look at the foliage color on that blooming agave...

Ruth's folly

I believe these are the palms she planted from seed.

Aloe striata (coral aloe) will end today's post, come back for more tomorrow!

Weather Diary, Apr 1: Hi 50, Low 40/ Precip .12

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