Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hoyt Arboretum, drive-by

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was headed home when I passed by the turn off for Hoyt Arboretum, as always I thought..."I really need to make a visit someday soon." I've been thinking that for oh, nearly 10 years? Ya, that's sad.

So even though I didn't have time for a full-fledged visit I circled back and made the one mile drive up to the visitor center...

I've only been here twice before, the first shortly after we moved to Portland in 2004, and then in 2010. If I remember correctly that first visit was in autumn, I picked up leaves from their Magnolia macrophylla and carried them around—in awe of leaves that size! (little did I know I'd end up with my own tree).

Did they have a Wollemia nobilis then?

Hard to say. I don't remember it, I think the first one I saw was at the UBC Botanical Garden.

Ah! I remember an Instagram commenter saying something about an Agave parrasana 'Meat Claw' growing here, I found it! (not that the visitors center area is that large that I could miss it).

Interestingly formed Aloiampelos striatula, aka Aloe striatula.

I love the rock garden /crevice garden, but wish there were more plants.

The scattered rock "mulch" is a nice touch.

And Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' always brightens up a dark spot.

Hmm, that's a nice little shady plant collection...

Pyrrosia sheareri (the sign in front of it says Microcachrys tetragona (aka creeping strawberry pine), but that's nowhere to be seen).

At first glance I thought the plant on the left was a Blechnum chilense, but it's not, this plant is much softer. The fern near the sign is a Dryopteris sieboldii.

Must be a crepe myrtle...

Oh this is not good! A crispy Lyonothamnus floribundus (aka Catalina ironwood)...

Thankfully this one was okay.

Nice arctostaphylos structure on this plant whose tag I couldn't read.

Mahonia nervosa, I believe.

Well here I am having to leave after barely scratching the surface! Hopefully I can convince Andrew to visit with me on a dry day later in the month. Since Portland doesn't have anything resembling a botanic garden (*yet, see below*) I really should know the arboretum better!

*Speaking of that long dreamed of Portland Botanical Garden... there is movement on that front. Check out the website here, and Instagram here. Things they are a happening!
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Weather Diary, Dec 16: Hi 52, Low 45/ Precip .39 

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  1. A crispy Catalina ironwood is a sad sight, but it has a fabulous bark still. I wonder if it will be discarded... I wish I could get my hands on it.
    An impressive story about Wollemia nobilis. To think there are only 100 left in the world...

    1. That 100 is in the wild, there are more now that it's in cultivation—thank goodness! I too wondered what the fate of the dead Lyonothamnus would be.

  2. I was surprised to learn that Portland doesn't already have a botanic garden given that you have such a vibrant plant-loving community. It's interesting that they've got a website describing in some detail what's coming with no timetable that I could find.

    1. It's very surprising isn't it, that we are botanic garden-less? They are still searching for land, so a timetable would be a little premature.

  3. I love the bark of Lyonothamnus (and as always, the arctostaphylos). The red fall color of the mahonia is pretty, too. Impressive that they have a rare Wollemi. Hope they are able to propagate more from it.

    1. I don't think the folks at Hoyt are propagating but I'm sure many others are.

  4. They pack a lot of good stuff into the area around the parking lot. Now I want to visit again.

  5. It's been at least 25 years since I've been to Hoyt. I loved it. I'm so glad it's still there and has evolved over the years. I'm sure that the new botanic garden will be equally enjoyable.

    1. I am so thrilled to think we'll finally have a botanic garden here in Portland... so over due!

  6. Funny how you don't visit the places close to us. We have a lovely botanic garden started by volunteers only 10 minutes away and it was only this summer that I made a point of visiting. Do love the arctostaphylos bark colour.

    1. Yes indeed, and thanks for the reminder that it's not just something I'm guilty of!

  7. Long time reader, haven’t posted in years. (Kids, nursing career). Pre-ordered your book. Can’t wait! Jim N.Tabor.


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