Friday, August 30, 2013

So I visited another pair of open gardens…

My friend Lauren held a Monday evening open garden a couple of weeks ago, I had to stop by and see how her garden looks this year...beautiful of course!

That's it, I'm growing Castor Bean next year for sure!

And I'm probably going to need to plant some Dichondra 'Silver Falls' too, doesn't it look lovely cascading over the edge of the planter? Can you believe those beautiful big leaves belong to Nicotiana?

I need to grow these again too.

Nobody does Musa basjoo like Lauren, always amazing. Plus this year I think every single one was blooming!

I seem to always visit Lauren's garden in harsh light conditions, making it difficult to photograph. However I think this might be my favorite photo ever in her garden...

Oh my...what the heck are those!

Variegated Comfrey (Symphytum 'Axminster Gold'), seriously...who knew?

Once again I'm drooling over those planters...AND the Schefflera delavayi in the background.

The other planter (there's a matching pair)...

Lauren's new patio furniture is to die for...I love the simple clean lines.

A final look at the Edgeworthia and Metapanax delavayi as we leave Lauren's garden...

And arrive at the next! Why stop at just one garden visit when there's another open garden nearby? Exactly!

When you're greeted by multiple palms you know things are going to be good.

It's that darn Cunninghamia lanceolata's following me! (did you notice the hammock in the background? perfect!)

This home and garden are on a double lot, pretty much my dream come much space.

Who's that cutie pretending to ignore us? We'll meet up again in a bit, let's finish checking out the plants.

There's cutie #2...

I wish I could remember their names, they were just adorable. Makes me want another dog...but I can't do that to our princess, she wouldn't approve.

Okay time to head home...thanks for coming along on another evening of garden visits!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Discovering a new nursery, The Garden Corner...

So it turns out I’ve been confused. All this time I thought The Gardeners Choice in Tigard, OR, was The Garden Corner, which is actually in Tualatin, OR. Years ago someone had told me The Garden Corner was their favorite nursery, and so for years I thought I had been visiting. Then a couple of random things happened recently and I realized nope…there was a whole new nursery out there just waiting for me to discover it. So I did…

What clued me into the fact I’d finally found that persons “fav” were these wooden walkways, she’d mentioned them. I wouldn’t have though such a simple thing could be so memorable but having a curving, slightly elevated and bouncy path to follow lent a certain “Oz” like magic to the place.

Combine that with a super tidy nursery and uber helpful staff and I understand the appeal.

There were a couple of these 4x4 pillars with concrete tubes over them. I wasn't sure if they were intended to inspire you to want to create something at home, or if they were an installation in progress.

Have I mentioned how much I love the Japanese Umbrella Pine? I thought I got it out of my system a couple of years ago when I bought one as a gift for a friend, I guess not.

Cotinus 'Old Fashioned'

Why buy a palm in a plastic pot...

...when you can buy one in a cool container like this!

This surprised me so I didn't even take a picture of the plant! A Grevillea that's hardy here with blooms like that?

I don't know...

The Garden Corner calls themselves "The Hanging Basket Passion Place!" and they have a lot of hanging baskets to prove it...

The also had this, a hanging Thuja plicata 'Whipcord' - Thuja kokedama?

Not the bloom one would expect to see on a baby Umbrella Pine!

They had non-kokedama 'Whipcord' too...

And these beauties...

I'm not so sure I like the pink bloom on the chocolate Albizia julibrissin. It's magical on the green tree but this color combo isn't really working for me.

I hope mine doesn't bloom for a long long time.

This place is huge!

Andrew claims I'm drawn to shiny silver things like a moth to flame. Yes these did capture my attention.

Sadly I didn't get a great shot of their fun tilted roof cabanas, but I liked them. Some even had green roofs.

Evidence things were a little more dazzling a few weeks ago. Mid august is about the time things really start to wind down in many of our local nurseries.

Another hanging basket...

And my people! The agaves...

Hope you enjoyed this quick visit to yet another Portland-area nursery! (or garden center if you prefer, since they aren't actually growing the plants here on site)

All material © 2009-2013 by Loree Bohl for danger garden. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.