Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wednesday Vignette, "my" green tractor

Do I need a tractor? No. Of course not, and truth be told, I never even knew I wanted a tractor. That is until I visited Evan Bean's garden this fall and saw this...

Or wait, is that a front loader? Anyway, back in early October the Portland Garden Bloggers group made the trip up to Evan's garden in Castle Rock, WA. The day was misty to downright rainy at times and so we sought shelter in the barn. That's when I found my tractor soul mate. Isn't she fabulous? 

Come back for photos of the garden on Friday...

—   —   —

Weather Diary, Dec 15: Hi 51, Low 42/ Precip .13 

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  1. A tractor with a front loader is a beautiful thing. We were given one after a relative passed and it has been so helpful to have one.

  2. Who wouldn't need a tractor that is so cute and matchs the front door so well?
    I'd love to see Evan's garden again, his posts have been sporadic lately.

  3. She is a looker! Maybe your attraction speaks to a dream of having acres of garden to work in.

  4. The right shade of green for you. :)

  5. I fantasize about having a tractor like this... oh, what I could do with one of those!

    1. I hope there is a tractor in your future!

  6. I could totally see you riding around on a green tractor! But, would it even fit in your garden...?

  7. Ha! I'm glad something in our filthy barn could charm you. I wish the weather had been nicer, but at least the worst rain held off until near the end.


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