Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday Vignette, well, that's weird!

These strangely combined photos showed up when I downloaded my pics from the Austin GB Fling. My camera seems to be doing it's best to keep Austin weird!

The giraffe photo is the only one I can place, that photo was taken at East Austin Succulents, when I visited there with Pam and friends on May 7th.

Weather Diary, Aug 7: Hi 95, Low 62/ Precip 0

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  1. That is definitely strange!

  2. That is weird but I like the results. You could have claimed them as your own intentional collage creations.

    1. Bu then I would be a liar, like #45.

  3. That IS weird... the camera on my phone has been known to behave like that when I've tried to edit something. Haven't quite figured out what it is - it doesn't do it consistently, so who knows...? Probably just some random glitch. Is that redstemmed beauty some sort of Eucalyptus? ~ Anna

  4. Odd but verrry interesting!

  5. That first one is terrific and much less work than cutting and pasting online.

  6. Some may call it software bug, I call it "Random collage mode" -- nice feature! ;)

  7. Fun surprise! I use my phone for photos and get many odd random pictures.


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