Tuesday, May 29, 2018

East Austin Succulents and Tillery Street Plant Co — a combo nursery visit

You know I love to visit nurseries; at home, when I'm traveling, it's all good! I was thrilled to stop at East Austin Succulents while Pam had us out and about the Monday after the Fling. E.A.S. was a sponsor of the Austin Fling, so I had to buy something right? (like that was a problem)

I did't realize that it was a two-for-one stop though. Turns out Tillery Street Plant Co. is right next door. As I wandered I wasn't sure where one stopped and the other began, thus I'm not drawing a line here, as I said before, it's all good!

Right away I knew there was going to be a lot to choose from. So many plants!!!
Oreocereus trollii aka the Old Man of the Andes
Agave americana 'Striata'

Variegated Agave victoriae-reginae

I honestly can't remember ever having been at a nursery that has a selection of vintage pottery, how very fabulous!
They had a wide selection of new pots as well. I would have seriously considered those tall metal ones with the green accents, had I not been flying home.

Ya gotta love a cactus that blooms while it's bare root and tied to the fence.


There was a wide variety of planted up things to get inspiration from...

And a whole greenhouse/shadehouse of potted treasures to discover...

Did you know there ain’t no Saguaro in Texas? Even though they seem pretty attached to it as a symbol.

Unfortunately I did not spend enough to "spin the wheel"...
I was all kinds of in love with these Opuntia zebrina, but concerned the very markings I loved wouldn't last as the plant matured.

If you read last Friday's post you know I bought an Obregonia denegrii.

Love this variant on the dish planter.
So many Agaves! They were quite spendy though.
Agave isthmensis 'Rum Runner'
Back outside I was drawn to the Airtream/Cycad combo, what's not to love?

I reallly tried to rationalize hauling one (or two) of those tall ribbed cylindrical planters home.

Ditto for the short ones. But I left them behind...(I really don't need more containers).
Bromeliads always make my heart beat faster.

I have two of these same raspberry Cactus, only mine are grafted onto tall green bases. Odd things.
Well, our visit had to wrap up sometime, I guess this point is as good as any. What a fantastic nursery, or two.

Weather Diary, May 28: Hi 73, Low 54/ Precip 0

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  1. What a pair of fun nurseries! All those variegated Agaves. As far as that metal container you liked, you can do that same effect on a metal cylinder with a can of spray paint, I think. I would have been drooling over that vintage pottery.

    1. Isn't it odd that painting one myself has no appeal? I liked the authentically worn look of those, and that exact shade of green. Plus that shape! Those were perfect.

  2. I love that planted up galvanized suitcase! A variation on the fern table theme.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2018

    It's all drool worthy! I loved the vintage pottery. I just bought a wagon top without wheels that is lime green (how could I pass it up?). I am trying to decide what to mount it on and where to put it. Definitely going to have succulents in it as the planting depth isn't very deep.


  4. So many drool-worthy plants and fun vintage pot selection. Your Obregonia denegrii was a great choice!

  5. I want some guy with a pickup to put that toolbox full of plants in the bed of his truck. Can’t you see him toolin’ around town with a garden in his truck!

  6. Vintage pots is a GREAT idea to distinguish a nursery! You really are making me regret the failure to stay another day (or take a red-eye flight).

  7. I didn't recognize the name Tillery Street Plant Co. right away, but then I realized it was the place next to East Austin Succulents. I wish I'd had time to poke around there. As it was, I spent way too much time selecting the right specimen of Hesperaloe 'Sandia Dawn' that would fit in my suitcase :-).

    Thumbs up on the pottery. I'd bought a bunch if I'd had my car with me. The prices were very good.

    1. Bummer you didn't get to explore the whole place(s) it was very good!

  8. Oh ! My goodness ! What an amazing place ! :)

  9. You must have been in heaven. Too bad your suitcase wasn't bigger. ;)

  10. I'm happy we were able to visit on our post-Fling excursion. BTW, Tillery Street Plant Co. is one of our Fling sponsors too. We appreciate them both! And like you, I'm never quite sure where one ends and the other begins.

  11. We stopped there on a visit to Austin once. I don't even remember how we found out about the place...maybe a google search. It was so hot, but totally worth it. You must have been in heaven with all the fun choices.


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