Thursday, October 28, 2010

WWTT Number 7

One last picture before we leave Tacoma headed for Vancouver, BC. We stopped to get gas and that’s where I saw this poor doomed palm. I’ll I could think was WWTT!? Wrong plant, wrong place.
I think this sweet Yucca tree is headed in the same direction, so to speak.


  1. That is seriously strange... Even stranger because the palm must have been nearly that big when they planted it, or it would have leaned out to get the light by now...

  2. I agree with greensparrow, it had to have been planted recently, by someone who obviously wasn't familiar with palm tree's growth habits. The lean isn't always drastic, but there's usually at least some curve there! The yucca can just be cut back at least.

  3. Hi Loree, I can't help but laugh.

  4. They were thinking "We can squeeze this in won't grow much more, right?"


  5. Greensparrow, very good point! There were a few others, they were a bit smaller, but just a bit.

    RFG, I think you're definitely right about it being someone who wasn't familiar with the growth habits.

    Grace, glad I could help.

    Darla, what if some numb-skull tops it!?

    Jane, I'll have to remember to check back next summer.


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