Saturday, October 16, 2010

Foliage follow-up (cheater alert)

Yes you’re right, I’m cheating (again). This amazing Monstera leaf did not grow in my garden. But it could have grown in someone’s garden, right?Isn’t it gorgeous? The deep cuts and circular shape were just too good not to share. For the "real deal" Foliage Follow-up visit Digging.


  1. And where, pray tell, did you find that perfect leaf? It looks like something dreamed up by a hotshot designer...or maybe James Cameron.

  2. I think that we were cut from the same cloth when it comes to garden design and interior design! I have a similar arrangement but lovable fiance doesn't like sharing photos from inside the house. I love this blog.

  3. Ahhh...Monstera leaves...if only I lived (and could stand) tropical environments, I'd most certainly grow them!!!!

  4. ricki, at the Concordia New Seasons! And for a very reasonable price too...

    RFG, if only we were neighbors...can imagine the fun we would have trading plants and starts?

    Lauren, tropical might be a bit much but I saw an amazing plant growing in Berkeley last summer. You could do Berkeley yes?

  5. I don't call that cheating, Loree. It looks like foliage to me! It's an amazing leaf.


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