Sunday, October 10, 2010

computer screen danger garden

Perhaps now I really have seen it all.

On Etsy you can buy this “radiation absorbing cactus” for only $12, or make that $24 if you opt to get two, which they do recommend. The text from the Etsy ad: “Computer screens emit carcongenic substances and electromagnetic rays that we absorb constantly. Research is showing that cacti placed near your screen are effective in eliminating this radiation. See NASA and other research on line. The one shown here can be hung on your screen or also are available in small terra cotta pots as this one.”

Just in case you need a computer screen danger garden of your very own (and who doesn’t?) I give you the link here. And yes, I am classifying this as a WWTT post, after all I haven't done one in awhile and really WWTT!!!???


  1. It's not even the right cactus! Usually when I see this promoted, they're specifically mentioning Cereus peruvianus.

    It is technically correct, if misleadingly phrased: light, heat, and ultraviolet light are all forms of electromagnetic radiation, and cacti do absorb them, which is why we can't see through cacti. But I'm almost positive NASA wouldn't have done a study about this, because NASA would have no use for it; cacti wouldn't block all forms of radiation (I'm pretty sure they're transparent to x-rays and gamma-rays); and a freaking sheet of cardboard would block most radiation just as well as a cactus, if not better.

    So what were they thinking? They were thinking, we've got a bunch of these cheap $2 cacti sitting around; what could we tell people so they'll pay us six times what they're worth?

  2. Haha! That is the funniest thing ever! Magic cacti!

  3. What the EFsy? There's a bunch of new age crap that people are actually willing to buy, so this doesn't surprise me. I would really love the description to say "radiation absorbing cactus 'they' don't want you to know about!"

  4. I can tell you what they were thinking. There are gullible people out there and it's time to cash in. LOL Too funny!

  5. Mr S, well I am impressed that you know about this phenom...I hadn't a clue. I wonder how many they've sold?

    Greensparrow, exactly! I'm glad you appreciate it.

    RFG, ha! Efsy...that's good.

    Grace, unfortunately you are probably right. I wonder how many monitors have been scratched by these cactus?


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