Friday, October 1, 2010

The Parking Lot Sale at Cistus (subtitled) OMG I bought a Rose!!

I got the email last week…."tough-love Cistus parking lot sale with all kinds of great plants in need of a good home and for really inexpensive prices; 1g plants @ $2, 2g plants @ $4, 5g plants $10, etc.”The sale started Saturday, Sept 25th at 10:00am.
Of course I wanted to be there at 10 am last Saturday, but I finally got there about 2 pm on Wednesday. Better late than never, right? I wonder what I would have found if I had been there on Saturday? As it was I’m pretty happy with my finds. Let’s see what $11 bought me…(yes only $11!!!!)….
Two Hesperaloe parviflora (weeping inflorescence) for $4 each. Granted they look a little “shop worn” but $4 each! That’s a bargain!

A Nothopanax delavayi for $2….and pretty weeds at no extra cost!

And a Eucomis autumnalis ‘Wahroaneta Giant’ for only $1. Here is what the tag said: “Gargantuan version of the South African pineapple lily, selected from our own collection here at Cistus. These stood out in our shady greenhouse with flower stems fully 6 ft tall and foliage in broad rosettes to over 4 ft tall. As with the species, the leaves are broad and soft with wavy edges; the long-lasting flowers are pale, greenish yellow with tuft-like bracts at the top, the pineapple look. These winter dormant bulbs are best in fertile soil that drains well with generous water during the growth period. Frost hardy in USDA zone 7, lower with mulch”.

Okay bargains located. Time to go explore…
Just like her mom. She wants to go explore where you aren’t allowed to go… Pyrrosia hastata or Felt Fern. Reminds me of the Phlebodium pseudoaureum or Blue Fern I purchased at the HPSO Sale.
I still need an Agave 'Kissho Kan'…
Now it’s time to talk about a dirty little secret. There is a, well, uhm. Well. Uhm a rose that I’ve been lusting after (I know….you never thought you would read those words! Nobody is more surprised than me). This was not part of the sale. I paid full price…
They glow bright red. Like licorice, or blood.
I bought a Wingthorn Rose (Rosa sericea omeiensis f. pteracantha). Yes you read that right. I bought a rose. And I am very very excited about it.
I already know exactly where I will plant it so that the afternoon sun lights the thorns just like when I put it in my car to bring home.
I bought a rose. Wow. Do you suppose hell is freezing over right this very minute?

But (regaining my senses) aren’t the stately Canna and Ginger bordering the parking lot beautiful?And the squash!
(oh and, I bought a rose!)


  1. That rose has been on my wish list for ages. Did they have a bunch of them? And is there a sign-up for their emails? I've never seen it.
    What are those tall spires? Sorry...I'm just full of questions, it seems.

  2. Morticia,
    Of course you bought a rose for its thorns (I like it too).

  3. Congrats on all your great finds! That is one scary rose!

  4. In all fairness though, that's a pretty awesome rose.

    The Agave 'Kissho Kan' looks great too. I wish there was a better selection up here but I guess they're just not so popular as houseplants as some other succulents.

  5. HI LOREE! I have two of the same roses. The key is to prune it HARD in the spring when you see any new growth. The usual President's Day pruning is perfect. Then be sure and put it in a spot that will back light the plant...the effect is quite amazing! Have fun with it.....

  6. You bought a rose, true. But it's a very very dangerous looking rose, so it's okay. :)

  7. Shocking, Loree, perfectly shocking. Seriously though, I've never seen a rose like that. Looks like it has webbed feet!

  8. Hi,

    Your blog is very interesting ! I write nearly with the spirit one in french named "Helenie" but mine is private now. I could send you an invitation to look at it if you like.
    Two weeks ago I was on Bréhat island in France with Laurence and Charles at the "Pépinière de l'île", a wonderful place indeed. They are very pleased with your action about the variegated Echium. Thanks.
    Congratulations for your blog !
    PS your zone is 8 ?

  9. I'm so thrilled you got THAT rose! I don't have one, but I want one!

  10. Loree, I'm pinching myself to see if I'm asleep and dreaming this. LOL First an awesome sale and then you with a rose bush. Wow. The planets must have been aligned. Nice choices!

  11. Oh man, a sale and I missed it! Oh well, it's probably for the best, I swore I wouldn't plant anything else this year! I actually bought one of those yellow Clematis this summer (after seeing it in its full glory last fall, when they sadly had none for sale). I can't wait for it to get growing...those blooms (and the seedheads) are awesome. I'm with you on roses, but I've seen that one somewhere else, and it's also the first rose I ever considered buying.

  12. Congrats on busting through the rose barrier. Of course, now you must snip off any flowers that have the audacity to obscure those beautiful thorns. And what a great idea to have a tough love/as-is sale. BTW, my little kissho-kan is suckering like mad (that's trade bait).

  13. ricki, they did have several of the rose, you should definitely go get one (if you haven't already). I think the sign up sheet is at the cash/wrap area and the tall spires are expired blooms of a Kniphofia. The camera angle made them look even taller than they were.

    Les, thanks for the name calling! I like it. According to the info on if I cut it back to get new red growth I may not have any flowers!

    Dirty Girl, thanks!

    Alison, I'm sure as it grows I'll be sharing lots of pictures!

    Andrew, I'm sorry to hear that...but there is always the internet! Cistus does mail order.

    Hi Digs/JJ, thanks for the pruning tips. I definitely want it to stay a smallish size and I want all the fabulous red growth that I can get!!!

    Meg, I'm glad you understand!

    Pam, isn't it!? I never thought the day would come.

    Hi there jp, thanks for stopping by. I would love to read your blog - I'll email you. And yes, we are zone 8.

    Aerie-el, perhaps there is a Cistus trip in your future?

    Thanks Grace, now I need to get busy planting!

    Scott, I had no idea it was a clematis! I first saw it last fall too and loved it, but I always forget to ask them what it is. Now I know...and I want one!

    Denise, I am curious to see if it flowers and what they look like. According to Nathan at Cistus the sale had already been a success, lots of plants finding good homes. And I like this trade talk! What might I have that you would be interested in?

  14. Isn't this one of the horses of the apocalypse? Conquest, war, famine, Loree buys a rose...or something like that. Watch out folks, the end is near!

    Wow, $11.00 for all those lovelies? You are so lucky to live as close to Cistus as you do!

  15. Those wingthorn roses KICK ASS and take names. Love them. I have them on my list for my vampire/goth garden....they either look like they're dripping blood, or those thorns will soon make you....I still can't believe you bought a rose.

  16. Aw, c'mon Morticia. You bought the rose because it looks DANGEROUS. Right on theme.


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