Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Leaf & Petal Company

Part of my continuing series on our October trip to California…

I’ve been remiss in finishing up my California travels! When last I posted on California we were in Venice, after that we headed up to Santa Monica. We were looking for a bookstore but when consulting an informational sign I saw the name Leaf & Petal Company (Plant Studio / Floral Arts) even though it was in the opposite direction of the bookstore with a name like that I had to check it out!

The anticipation was building as we waited to cross the street staring at this…My excitement quickly faded when we crossed and I saw they were closed. Even though we were within their posted hours of business they were closed. So frustrating! Looking through the gate only made things worse!
I wanted to touch these plants!
Naturally I had to walk around the entire building, in case there was an open door…no such luck. In the back, next to the Sears parking lot we found these plants just pushed up against the gate, out in the open where frankly anyone could have taken them. Call me naive but there is something so endearing about the trust factor that many nurseries have, I guess that applies even in LA! (no offense LA...just being a big city and all...)
Coming back around the other side I was cursing them again. Look at what fabulous things were on the other side of the gate!
If you’re in Santa Monica and find them open I would love to hear about what I missed.


  1. Lovely pics - I am inspired.

  2. Bummer. Maybe they were out installing or designing some fab new landscape at some famous person's house. Hope you get to go back someday!

  3. Bummer Loree. You'd think they could have at least posted a sign stating why they were closed and an apology. Or even a sign with the "open by appointment only."

    I would have been really disappointed too. And those plants, yikes. Temptation!!!

  4. I can't believe all these great plant destinations that are springing up in LA -- Rolling Greens' new digs, Big Red Sun, and now this one I'd never heard of before. I'm so used to thinking of LA being deprived of great places like these that I've stopped looking for them. Thanks for the head's up.

  5. I hate when that happens. I would have been tempted to hang around for and hour and see if someone stepped out for a lunch break. It's now on my list for some imagined future LA trip.

  6. Love the idea of a plant studio: I imagine the plants gracefully posing for artists to draw or paint.
    Isn't it interesting how Californians like equisetum (in the planter in photo 2)? It's a cool plant, but up here we worry when we see it anywhere near an open space. Down there it's a rarity, I guess. Nice to know we have SOMETHING they covet in CA.
    I'll look for the Leaf & Petal Company if I ever find myself in Santa Monica. I really like their Buddhas (and of course, their plant selection) Hope you get in one day, too!

  7. Frustrating, for sure, but it seems you got a pretty good look-see anyway.

  8. Evelyn, so glad!

    Karen, you're probably right (out installing) but like Grace says they could have hung a sign!

    Grace, temptation for sure! But I think the prices probably would have kept me in check.

    Denise, you're welcome! Isn't exciting to discover new destinations?

    Megan, it was late enough in the day that I ruled out a lunch break, probably more likely to have cut out early. Damn.

    Jane, I liked the phrase 'plant studio' too, but doesn't it just sound expensive? And I'm still a sucker for a pot of horse tail. A fav even though it's got a nasty reputation.

    ricki, true...and it was free!

  9. Torture! If you could get that many great pics and it was closed... Definitely want to check it out when we make our S. California garden pilgrimage.


  10. Megan, I will look forward to your report!

  11. Where's Germi these days? She should be all
    over this place


  12. they charge a fortune and Customer Service is sorely lacking --
    and the work done landscaping your home can be SLOPPY unless you are there.

  13. I stumbled across the Leaf & Petal Company when I visited LA from Australia in September 2010. Luckily for me the shop was open, so I went inside and took about 40 odd pics. The succulents and their arrangements were stunning. I also had a brief chat with the owner. It was so good that I even went back and took some more shots a few days after my first visit. If anyone wants some snaps, please post your EMail address on this site and I'll EMail them to you.


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