Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Back when I was immobile due to my broken ankle I received a magazine care package from my friends Erin and Matt in Seattle. Of course it included a few gardening magazines, this was my introduction to Gardens Illustrated Magazine from the BBC.

How had I never picked up this magazine before? It’s incredible, beautiful photographs and top-notch writing. I was in love.

I’ve since discovered it’s a little hard to find on the newsstand and I started flirting with the possibility of subscribing. But the price ($84) made that highly unlikely, then a special offer came in the mail, “only” $45. How did they know? If you’ve never picked up a copy of Gardens Illustrated be careful, you to could be hooked!


  1. Hi Loree~~ Teza loves this magazine. I have yet to expose myself to the ensuing addiction. You're not making it any easier. Wait. I take that back. "Only" $45.00? Help me!

  2. Too late. I'm hooked, quite hopelessly, in fact.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Oh. Thank you, Loree. Now I need this magazine too. And just when I was REALLY trying to cut back!

  4. yes.. It's the best mag.It's the one thing I asked my husband to bring back from his trip to London-So I have the March issue early...

  5. I'll have to check it out...

  6. nice recommendations... thanks!

  7. LOL! I could have written this post! Just RUSHED my check for $45 to the PO...

  8. regular pilgrimages to Rich's to check out the GI of the month usually lead to a purchase. I can part with $6.95 from time to time, while $84 is out of my league. $45? Hmmmm

  9. Yup, it's my favorite, along with Pacific Horticulture. These two magazines are obligatory for me - the rest are just for fun!

  10. ...and there's a great GI website, too, with some amazing podcasts. Not that you need another time-sink!

  11. Grace, I know! I can't believe that $45 is the bargain price. But when you do the math it's totally worth it!

    Christine, do you have a subscription then?

    Jane, I wonder if the library has it?

    Dirty Girl, welcome!

    Linda, connections!

    How it Grows, you won't be sorry.

    Jocelyn, yea! I'm so glad I got that offer.

    ricki, god it's been to long since I've been to Rich's!

    Kate, the Pacific Horticulture display at the Portland Nursery checkout usually sucks me in.

    James, I am always curious to find good gardening podcasts, thank you!


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