Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hanging out under the shade pavilion

Grace, of Gardening with Grace recently posted a photo of her containers all gathered up and hunkered down on her deck. She shared her concern that some of these plants may have “passed on” due to our extreme December cold snap. I commented about my pots all grouped under our shade pavilion and Grace good-heartedly challenged me to share a photo of the shade pavilion so…here you are…These containers have been hanging out under the pavilion all winter. Well, except for that week (+) when we were setting cold records, and then they were in the unheated detached garage and later even in the basement. This is also where I've been storing my new aquisitions before they are planted.
The pavilion doesn’t stop all the rain but it does reduce the amount. Plus it allows the sun in and is a bit frost protected since it has a roof, is raised and is tucked between the garage and two fences.The tender things are placed in the center, the idea being that they are protected by their neighbors on the outside. Did you see the move “March of the Penguins?” Weren’t they always in movement with the outer edge of the large Penguin mass protecting the inner? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong and the outer edge was being sacrificed for the good of the inner? Well anyway it’s same idea, only I’m moving the plants as I see the need.We plan to eventually construct a sort of wrap that goes around the four sides and acts as a bit of a green house. That’s the plan at least.


  1. Looks gorgous under there! They all look so happy, you would never know (without being told) that it was 36 degrees F. this morning. I love that beautiful green succulent planter in the second to the last shot.

    I also want to know how you keep your pebbles so clean - there's not one leftover, brown leaf in sight!

  2. It's lovely-what's your secret for keeping it so tidy?

  3. totally love your pavilion...kind of reminds me of the structures at Cistus, which I have been hinting about for ages. What is your roofing material?

  4. Exactly what I thought, Loree. Green, thriving beauties. Hardly a comparison!! I won't say I'm jealous and that I hate you because that wouldn't be nice. And I'm not and I don't.

    I take full responsibility for my losses. Serves me right. I was lazy and didn't bring them in. It wasn't like I didn't know the cold was coming.

    My garden buddy has enclosed her patio. The clear PVC panels are removable for warmer weather. I bet this would work beautifully for your pavilion.

  5. Jane, the camera lies...pure and simple. If you were here in person you would see the pine needles, leaf bits and fir tree bloom ends (?) left over from last year. The pebbles are NOT clean. Although I wish they were. That planter was a wedding gift from a dear friend. I love it too!

    linda, tidy huh? Come see it in person and you will not use that word! Although it's true I have had the luxury of several warm sunny days to knock back the winter mess.

    ricki, I love that you compared it to Cistus. That was our inspiration. The roofing is sheets of corrugated metal. If you like (when you need) I can ask the husband where he found them!

    Grace, that's exactly what we've talked about (the panels). At Cistus they even have propane heaters in theirs. That scares me but does open up the possibilities!

  6. They look pretty cozy there, I think your idea about the penguin rotation is correct although I'm not sure either. Mr. Big is looking good!

  7. I agree with the comments about how clean everything is. Will you share your secret for keeping your pots looking so spotless? Mine are always dirt flecked.
    I love when you show pictures that demonstrate just how big your plant collection really is, you've got quite the selection there.


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