Friday, March 26, 2010

Gardening books, under lockdown

A couple weeks ago my husband had a hankering to visit the Powells Books in Beaverton; of course I headed immediately to the Gardening section, where I was surprised to see they actually had some gardening books under lock and key!
Wow…what kind of rare (or perhaps autographed?) gardening books needed to be protected from thieves…how exciting! Then I saw the titles: Build this Bong, The Big Book of Buds, Marijuana Home Growers Manual and my favorite…The Marijuana Chef Cookbook.


  1. Ha ha! Fun post!
    I like 'The Cannabible Collection'! I wonder if they're locked up so parents won't worry about their impressionable kids having access. You're probably too young to remember 'Steal This Book' by Abbie Hoffman.

    So, did you buy one?

  2. We constantly get calls at work from young men looking for Morning Glory seeds and Salvia divinorum. I even had one come in one time looking for pamphlets on how to grow pot, I gave him the hairy eyeball and he quickly left, this is Virginia afterall, not northern California.

  3. This is hilarious! Great post!

  4. Hm, wonder if that's the only locked section in the store, or if there are others? Funny! I wonder how often someone actually requests help with that particular purchase?

  5. That is too funny! I wonder, do you have to have a medical prescription for marijuana before they will unlock these books?

  6. LOL! So those growing medical plants are more likely to steal than those that do not...ahh, you made my morning! Matti

  7. oh yes, need to make sure access is restricted to 18+ there!

  8. Jane, no I didn't...and I don't remember "Steal This Book"...but I don't know if that makes me young or just not cool!

    Les, in this respect Oregon may even be more California than California is!

    Dirty Girl, thanks!

    Karen, my husband reports that the erotica section is also locked, but only at this store...the downtown Portland store is lock free. Something about the 'burbs!?

    Noelle, I should have asked!

    Matti, interesting point!

    Mary C, I suppose you are correct.

    ricki, it'll get ya, that paranoia...

  9. And people want to legalize marijuana? Then the whole store will be in lockdown. :)


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