Friday, December 4, 2009


Part of my continuing series on our October trip to California…

I’m going to calmly go ahead post today like everything is normal, even though I’m feeling a sense of doom. Very cold temperatures predicted for the weekend and into next week. Some say we will remain below freezing night and day. In the Portland Metro area wind chills in the single digits are possible. This is eerily like last year. So after I post this I am running out to buy more materials to protect my plants. And then I am getting online and looking at real estate prices in California.

We stopped at Porch in Carpentaria, CA on the recommendation of a gardening friend who visited Southern California a few months before we did. Porch is the most amazing place for unique outdoor tables and chairs. They have an incredible selection! Just look at all of these fabulous choices (the orange ones are screaming to me!)…
Fun packing tape…
And cool lights! They also had a nice selection of succulents. Real ones and fake ones (yuck) one of these pictures is of fake plants, but I can’t remember now which it was and I can’t tell!


  1. Neat place. That table and stools made of cylindrical concrete forms are so cool. I just saw a very similar set at a place called Agave, which I'll be posting about soon.

    Regarding the fake succulents, if you can't tell them apart from the real ones, they sound perfect for a dark interior bathroom or such place.

  2. Easy, Loree, the second photo is of the faux succulents. Don't you just love a know-it-all? LOL

    I know what you mean. DAMN this freaking cold weather! I'd take rain any day over this.

    I keep little cups of water near the door on my covered deck to guage the temperature. This morning, both of them had formed ice on the top. My fuchsias look a little worse for wear. I'll be implementing "operation rescue" today as well. However my Fatsia foliage in my courtyard looks fine.
    When it gets really cold, it will wimp out--another good guage, besides the old-standby, the thermometer.

    At least the sun is out and here in Albany there is very little wind. I used to live in Troutdale so I know about that godforsaken east wind. BRUTAL, BITTER and BITING, to name a few apropos adjectives. I loathed it. I'm pretty sure the real estate is more affordable here than California. :)

    My fingers are crossed for the safe keeping of your beloved plantings. I thought it was an El Nino year. Damn weather people don't know anything.

  3. ricki, careful...don't drool outside it could freeze!

    Pam, Agave eh? I like it already. Good point about the fake succulents. I suppose it's better than my method of buying real and hoping they don't die.

    Grace, I think you might be right about the fakes! Still no wind? Today (Sunday) it's kicked up around here and is causing quite the chill. I had no idea when we bought this place what a difference living so close to the gorge would have on our micro-climate. I wonder where I would have been house hunting if I had known?

  4. I so envy Californians who have weather that allows them to have real furniture outdoors.
    You know what's crummy about this weather? I spend all my time hoping for snow, and here we have cold and dry, and then the second we get moisture it's 40 degrees again. So unfair.


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