Thursday, December 24, 2009

You want what? A cactus? In December?...lady are you crazy?

Why not a pretty poinsettia? Or maybe a little holly and some peppermint carnations in a pretty crystal vase?
I have two stories to tell here. The first is of the difficulties my mother and mother-in-law faced when sending me a “quick recovery/Merry Christmas” gift. These ladies live in Spokane, Washington and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, respectively (yes there really is a Truth or Consequences). They both know I’m not the traditional Christmas bouquet type. They both had definite ideas of what they wanted. If only the florist trade was up to the challenge.
Luckily for me they both persisted and I received two “arrangements” that push the boundaries of what most florists create, especially this time of year. Sure there are Portland florists that specialize in modern succulent and cactus arrangements but when you are hundreds, or thousands, of miles away you don’t know who to call. You rely on your local florist (or the internet) to translate your desires to the far-away florist and then hold your breath with the recipient calls, hoping what they received is what you'd intended.
Shouldn’t it be easier?
The second story is how similar what my mother and mother-in-law sent turned out to be. Two different florists delivered on two different days, the second one had a laugh when she saw what the first had left.
I received two mini danger gardens! Do you think this says something about me? Spiky plants all the way baby!


  1. They're both gorgeous arrangements. What great rapport you must have with your family: kudos to your mom and mother-in-law for managing to obtain such perfect danger garden planters. I bet they really worked to perk you up now and that you'll be enjoying them for years!

  2. They are both so cute! And - as a bonus of this blog, now you have pictures of them when they are really little to look back on when they are big! I always say I'm going to take pictures of "my babies" but then never do. (Take my Banana for example!)

  3. It's lovely to have family who understand you so well. And now you have a Danger Garden indoors for you to tend and enjoy while you recover. Merry Xmas!

  4. Hi Loree~~ Poinsettias are SO yesterday, flimsy little things--no danger at all, Where's the sport in that? LOL Of course you don't need me to tell you this but it seems you've got two very special people in your life as evidenced by the thought and care that went in to these exceedingly cool mini-danger gardens. Kudos to to the mom and mom-in-law.

  5. That is too sweet. I'm sure you kow how lucky you are! Family who "gets" the gardening thing - golden. And two new gardens you can reach/admire without picking up the crutches - priceless!

  6. How cute. They turned out really well. I bet you start a trend at the florists that put them together when they realize how much more fun these are than poinsettias.

  7. Jane, aren't they great? I really am enjoying them.

    D+N, what's up with that? Use that camera girl!

    Pam, hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    Grace, you are right, I do! I suppose some would point out that the sap of the Poinsettia provides some danger. But not nearly as fun as the spiky kind!

    Karen, you have a very good point about not picking up the crutches. Have you ever been on them? I'm using muscles I didn't even know I had.

    Megan, oh I would love to think that you are right! This would be a great trend.


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