Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bloomday, December 15th

I didn’t think I was going to have a bloomday post this month. Not because of our winter freeze last week, but because of my inability to get out and snap some pictures. There has to be something blooming out there right?Well as luck would have it my bloomday blooms came to my front door. The flooring company that we bought our new floors from sent flowers, and wishes of a speedy recovery. If you have no idea what I’m talking about yesterdays post goes into detail.
So, the official word…surgery. I get a metal plate and metal screws put in my ankle. Now that’s accessorizing! Six to eight weeks in a cast, then hopefully I’ll be walking again. That’s just in time for the Spring Garden shows right?


  1. what will happen at the airport now that you will have metal in you? do you get some sort of official internal metal sporter card or something so that you can get through security??

  2. Beautiful flowers. You deserve them. If I have to wear cast for six weeks, I hope it will be January-February and not June-July. Enjoy the holidays if you can.

  3. That was a nice gesture, but I would expect more from them if it was their fault, not that I'm vindictive. I certainly hope you get well soon and that you can enjoy being waited on over the holidays.

  4. you've green blood coursing through your veins.... this speeds up recovery - by Spring Garden Show time, you'll afready have auditioned for 'So You Think You Can Dance?' Keep a positive state of mind - anything is possible! Goegeous bouquet!

  5. I'm with Les: I hope the company gave you a deep discount on the flooring installation along with the lovely flowers.

    Dang - surgery! I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you, but I know your positive state of mind will be your best attribute in healing: you have garden tours and shows to attend this spring!

  6. That was a nice gesture. Not enough to make up for the accident, of course, but accidents do happen.

    Ugh about the surgery. You are very calm about it all. I do think it was a good time of year for it to happen, as far as what your garden needs from you. Have to ask (having never broken a bone, knock on wood): how much did it hurt?

  7. Hope you have a speedy recovery....having had a few spills myself...it is never fun. I have one piece of advice for you, Let people wait on you! I know it's hard with the holidays looming, but it will all work out & you will be good & strong for gardening season. Beautiful flowers...but I kinda think they should've done more.

  8. Sweet gesture, and I'm sure the workers are filled with concern for your welfare. I just bet the head of the company is hoping (make that praying) that you are not on a first name basis with any good lawyers.

  9. d+n, the surgeon says no. I guess it won't be substantial enough to set off the big metal detector and if it does and they wand me they'll know what it is. God I hope so.

    Mari Anne, you are right...it would be so hard in prime gardening season.

    Les, my enjoyment of being waited on will go up significantly once I am off the meds and can ask for glasses of wine, rather than water.

    Teza, you crack me up! Green blood, I love it. And as for dancing...I couldn't dance before this, so doubtful. But a funny picture for sure.

    Jane, I am really trying to stay positive. Surgery is scary as I've never had to
    "go under the knife" but, it's the best option for healing correctly.

    Pam, when it happened it didn't hurt much at that moment, unless of course I put any weight on it. The feeling of the popping in my ankle was the worse part. I am being told that after surgery will be the most painful time. Ugh. This is my first experience with a broken bone...

    Susie, thanks for the wishes and the advice. I'll try to take it to heart.

  10. Loree,
    My heart goes out to you. Surgery always causes me great anxiety.
    I'm sending out good wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

    I think the flooring company ought to do a little better in the public relations department. The flowers were a nice , but they ought to realize they need to step it up a couple of notches and deeply discount their labor.
    As a business owner who is constantly after my foreman to keep watch over his men , I would be sending you a card letting you know that our labor would be provided complimentary due to our lack of professionalism and disregard for safety on the job.

    Love the photos of the agave by the way.

  11. I'm with the others here, flowers are nice but not enough in this case. It's a safety hazard to leave stuff lying around on/near steps, and it shouldn't have happened. Clean-up is part of the deal, or should be! Fingers crossed that you recover super well and speedily. Actually, I think it would be kind of cool to set off the metal detectors! :) But maybe you'd get sick of having to tell the story over and over.


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