Monday, September 14, 2009

Hardy Plant Society Fall Sale this weekend!

As a kid I remember being upset because some “thing” that I was looking forward to (Christmas, my birthday, summer vacation) was taking forever to arrive. My dad warned me to not wish my life away, that when I became an adult time would move by way too fast. He was right.

It’s time for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s fall plant sale at the Expo Center. I am not sure how exactly, it really seems like it was just yesterday that I was standing in line at the spring sale. But I guess that was 5 months ago! When I went on the HPSO website to check the date of the sale I started looking at pictures from the spring sale, the photo below was the very last one, labeled “volunteers in the Holding Area kept busy throughout the sale as shoppers stowed their finds, then went back for more”…
That shopper in the loud green and white coat is me…and judging by the looks of what I am dropping off that was the first of many trips to the holding area! I also looked at the vendors list for the sale is it just me or does it seem shorter? No Rare Plant Research! But Cistus and Dancing Oaks Nursery will be there, along with Xera and few other names I recognize.

If you are within driving distance of the Portland Expo Center, and are a fan of fall planting (I’m still on the fence regarding that one) then you should check it out. Just go late on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday ok? Sleep in on Saturday! I don’t want to stand line for over an hour again this time….

2009 Fall Plant Sale Saturday & Sunday, September 19 & 20
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. both days


  1. Well, I don't want to stand in line either, but I AM a fan of fall planting, so if I must stand in line, I will.
    Maybe we'll end up right next to each other, although from the crowds you described at the spring sale, we'll never know it!

  2. I have been hearing the "fall is for planting" mantra from friends in the biz for years now, but I lost nearly all of the precious and semi-precious plants I purchased at last fall's sale. I think I will just have pots at the ready and a sheltered overwintering space...then plant in early spring. What's your strategy?

  3. Jane, but at least I would be able to recognize you now if we did! Even in last springs crowds I managed to see a few people I knew. Happy Shopping!

    ricki, I am with you...I didn't buy much last year but I lost what I did. My strategy is to only buy reliably hardy offerings. Ya...who am I kidding? strategy is to have plenty of winter protection materials at the ready this year. Unlike prior years.

  4. You're thinking first thing Saturday morning? I think I'm trying to hide from the crowds and wait til Sunday. Hopefully the good stuff isn't all gone by then.
    I try not to plant anything borderline in fall, but if I do I know I'm gambling. I had some success last year mulching well. On everything reliably hardy, I've had better success in the fall than I have in Spring, probably because I don't sustain regular summer watering. So I'd vote yes for fall planting. I think our climate is mild enough it's usually a safe bet.

  5. Note to Megan: as a sporadic HPSO volunteer, I can tell you that the vendors restock for Sunday, so the choices should be just as good.

  6. Megan, well I was planning to go on Saturday...but now you and ricki have me wondering about that! And actually I planted my wildly successful Tetrapanax last fall. So I guess I've had positive results too and I should just get on board with the fall planting thing.

    ricki, thanks for the insider info, you have me re-evaluating my weekend!

  7. ricki - you just made my day


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