Thursday, September 3, 2009

In the gardens of friends, day two

My friend Erin has two large and playful dogs, Lucy (standing) and Gus (laying down), who love to run around and have fun in their back yard. Unfortunately sometimes this involves digging and the ensuing plant destruction. Erin has overcome doggy destruction with a fabulous container garden on her patio; these plants are in the safe zone. If she weren’t such a good friend I’d be jealous of how good some of these look. Like this Umbrella Palm, (Cyperus involucratus) she bought in July, in Portland, while visiting me, I swear it’s doubled in size! Her Fatsia japonica are benefiting from shade with beautiful dark glossy leaves!
Erin is about to embark on a patio redo, they’ve been making-do with the brick and terra cotta patio that came with the house, I’ve always loved it but something clean and modern is a little more her style.
I love this Dwarf Papyrus, Cyperus ‘Nana’ another plant she purchased in July that has at the very least doubled in size. She rescued this Kniphofia caulescens from my garden. It was going crazy and getting ugly in my front yard and I ripped it out. It’s very happy here and behaving nicely.
Isn’t this Variegated Bamboo gorgeous?
And she finally has an Agave! She adopted one of the pups from my brother in Arizona. It too is very happy in Erin’s garden.
More of her happy healthy container plantings…. Here’s to quality patio time with a good friend! Hope you all have something similar planned for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.


  1. Hi DG~~ I had to go back to your previous post, having missed Day 1. I look forward to witnessing Steve's transformation next summer.

    Day 2: Thank you for Latin ID on the Umbrella Palm. My garden buddy Carol has them go to seed all around her pond. I've been the lucky recipient of a few of the babies. They do indeed grow fast. The variegated bamboo is fabulous. I hope we get to see Erin's new patio on your next visit.

  2. I imagine those big dogs could do some damage!

  3. Hi Grace! The umbrella palms go to seed uh? I've never been that lucky! I do hope to get up to see the new patio and will definitely report on it! Unfortunately it will probably be a little cool (and wet?) to actually spend anytime enjoying it.

    MTJulie, all in the name of fun though!

  4. I can see a shared garden style - you must egg each other on when you go plant shopping. The brick is pretty, but I know it's hard to work with soft organic hardscaping when you like clean modern plants and planters. Can't wait to see the future updates. Cute pups!


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