Friday, June 23, 2017

The personal garden of Dan Heims, aka Mr. Terra Nova

I've been so busy working in my own garden that I've only made it to one HPSO open garden this year: the personal garden of Dan Heims, President of Terra Nova Nurseries.

The height of this Schefflera taiwaniana was impressive.

As was the row of stunning Hosta beneath.

And this being Dan's garden you knew there would be a few of these...(Heuchera)

The garden was a shady oasis.

With picturesque moss growing between the cobblestones.

And so many Podophyllum...

Check out that dark purple number back behind the Onoclea sensibilis. I never did get a chance to ask Dan its name (much less work my way back there with a shovel and steal it).

I'm still pathetic at fern ID, but this one's cool!

The heavy shade was not a friend to my camera and its capabilities. This was actually quite a dramatically colored (patterned) combo.

And then there was light...

I think this greenhouse was Dan's...although there didn't seem to be any way to actually get down there.

The plants were spilling out of it though...

Dan and his wife Lynne have lived here long enough that this play structure must have originally been built for their own children. Now there's a grandchild who will be making great use of it, no doubt.

Heavy duty swings in the garden, how fun!

The new foliage on this Rhododendron 'Blattgold' was quite lovely.

Don't care for how it ages though.

Lest you think it's all about shade and soft plants...

And yes! There was an Agave...

A small one, but it counts, Agave striata. With great color.

The foliage on this plant was lovely, a little stinky though (relax people...this is Oregon, where such things are legal).

More Heuchera.

Wowsa! Aralia cordata 'Sun King'

After all the shade the sunny strip next to the street seemed even more shocking.

Simple, yet sturdy, boards for crossing the drainage ditch.

Getting in my car to leave I noticed this Magnolia macrophylla, which it looks like is going to be enjoying more sun this year, thanks to a missing neighbor.

Weather Diary, June 22: Hi 82, Low 51/ Precip 0

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  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2017

    Fern = Polystichum setiferum?

  2. Those Podophyllums are an amazing grouping.

  3. Whichever it is, I saw the same fern yesterday at Xera over in the shady area closer to the 11th ave side.
    I'm dying to know the name of that rhododendron with the silvery new growth!

    1. Thanks for the fern tip, wish I could repay you with Rhododendron knowledge.

  4. Nice garden. A plant lovers garden. Beautiful hostas, a great Yucca...just needs more Agaves.

  5. Truly enjoyed seeing Dan's garden. So many great plants in a garden that's also lived in and enjoyed. I think anonymous might be right - Polystichum setiferum aka Alaska Fern.

  6. Only one? Well, you picked a good one!

  7. The moss between the pavers is my favorite, though the "legal in Oregon" plant does have some merit. Reminds me how I never posted my sister's stunning patio container plants when she lived in *Colorado*.

  8. The Hosta in this garden are so perfect: not a chewed leaf anywhere. How is that possible? I admit to feeling a little envious.


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