Friday, December 23, 2011

Mother Nature’s holiday ornaments…

This year I’ve noticed several trees specially decorated for the season, decked out by none other than Mother Nature herself. Figs, Apples, Persimmons look like ornaments placed upon the trees… Small berries look like tiny lights along the branches… And Clerodendrum trichotomum (Harlequin glorybower) berries are little stars… The magic of the season is everywhere, you just have to look...


  1. Oooh, I love the little stars!

    I don't suppose any of these light up at night though... :-)

  2. I love Clerodendrum in all the other seasons too: peanut butter-scented leaves, pretty flowers, their late summer perfume, and then those cool metallic blue fruits afterward. Possibly the perfect small tree?

  3. Love all the fruits...wish we had some more in our 'hood. I do admire our neighbor's Beautyberry more and more each day I pass it. I actually had a co-working bring in some of the Harlequin glorybower the other day for me to ID...they are pretty amazing with that blue/red combo.

  4. Mother (nature) really does know best, it would seem.

  5. Nice post! Great trees, love those stars. The figs are especially interesting because they are so much earlier here the leaves are always on.

  6. Alan, you might be surprised...

    MulchMaid, The one I photographed for this post...not so small. Although it is beautiful and seems to thrive on neglect.

    scott, I do love spotting a beauty berry in the landscape, but don't think I could get behind the idea of purple berries in my garden.

    ricki, yes ma'm!

    Shirley, the fruits do form here while the leaves are still on, but so many this year were behind from our lack-luster summer that they never did get ripe.

  7. So beautiful! Great idea for a post.

    I've been looking for similar things in our neighborhood. Here we have pomegranates, too, which I particularly love. And galls on oaks (now bare).

  8. They do look like Christmas ornaments! How pretty! Merry Christmas!


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