Monday, December 26, 2011

More from Spokane…

During most of our recent visit to Spokane there was a heavy fog obscuring the landscape, shortening your sight-lines and making everything a little mysterious. Since Spokane in the winter is brown (the grass usually goes dormant and it seems everything is buff colored), dirty (snow and ice means lots of sanding the roadways…which leaves everything with a nice coat of grit) and just plain ugly (look I was born there and have logged almost 25 yrs there off and on in my lifetime, I’ve earned the right to call it ugly), I welcomed the effects of the fog. When the fog it finally lifted we were along the river and got to enjoy a bit of blue sky right before sunset. That’s part of the Spokane River with Riverfront Park (buildings left over from the 1974 World’s Fair) and a bit of downtown in the distance. These orange berries were glowing in the fading afternoon light. Sometimes I get all sweet on my hometown. This would be one of those times.


  1. Wonderfully foggy and spooky. And I have to tell you that we had chicken-wire trees on the mantle too this year! I'm sold on the versatility of chicken wire...

  2. I love the fog, and the conifers look great. If I lived in Spokane, I'd have lots of conifers :-).

  3. Brown, dirty and ugly describes most of New England (where I'm from) in winter too, for the same reasons. It's too bad New England doesn't get fog to obscure it though.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

  4. Guess we all have love/hate relationships with our home towns: can't get out of there fast enough, but feel a nostalgic tug from time to time. Fog makes everything a bit more romantic (metaphor, perhaps?).

  5. I had to send you this link: It's a photo with definite leanings toward the aforementioned Danger Garden Christmas.

    Spokane looks cold. Makes me wish for summer. Only 6 months to go. :)

  6. The fog really does create one heck of a mood with those conifers. Looks milder and damper. Seems fog is more part of Portland than Spokane, so hopefully you are not banned from there for bringing gloom with you!

  7. Denise, and chicken wire would make a great binder for the succulent columns I'm dreaming of!

    Gerhard, yes you would...whether you wanted them or not (they're very much a given in the landscape there).

    Alison, I did! Hope you did as well.

    ricki, oh yes, for sure.

    Grace, thank you for the fun link! And btw I have it on good authority that summer is coming early this year. April.

    DD, actually the gloom was there long before we arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day in Portland when we left but right into the flight the captain warned us that it was quite foggy in Spokane. No problem landing though, thanks to modern technology. Mom said it had been foggy for days...


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