Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bloomday, December 2011

I came very close to cheating this Bloomday and posting pictures of blooming Ocotillo from our recent SW desert vacation. But instead I decided to trot out the old standby: Fatsia Japonica. Say what you will about this plant (I know many people don’t care for it) but at least it’s reliable! After snapping a couple of pictures I took a walk around the garden to see how the 25 degree low the night before had affected things. That’s when I saw it! A little purple Vinca flower, showing up just for me on Bloomday. And to think of all the times I’ve cursed this damn Vinca. Then my eyes fell on the trio of hydrangeas the neighbors planted next to their house and along our driveway. That bright rectangle is one of our kitchen windows reflecting the sun…that’s how close we are… Even though this technically isn’t my garden I did water them a few times last summer when they were showing thirst and I do see them more than I see parts of my garden. Good enough! They’re in too. I love that each of the three plants has a single (almost freeze dried) flower cluster. Come to think of it my Hydrangea still has flowers on it too, sort of. And if you look up at the tall branches and the blue sky, well you could almost believe it was summer… If it wasn’t for the fact your fingers and toes are numb and your nose is running from the cold air! Visit May Dreams Gardens for the full flower line-up from garden bloggers around the world…


  1. How do people not like Fatsia?! Granted I've only ever seen it as a houseplant but I love them!

  2. I'm heartened that one of my two lone flowers for this Bloom Day is one you appreciate, too. The lingering hydrangea flowers are pretty sweet. I always love them when they get to that papery point and seem almost unreal.

  3. I agree with Jane...I always prefer the faded Hydrangeas...their subtle, muted colors are so lovely.

  4. I love fatsia, you can't go wrong. Evergreen tropical foliage in the winter, the flowers aren't so bad either. :)

  5. I love the Hydrangeas at all stages - yours are beautiful!
    Happy GBBD :)

  6. Lovely hydrangeas. Why do they have the reputation of being pooh poohed as "old lady flowers" when they are so varied and dramatic in their beauty?

  7. What I would say about Fatsia, is that it is one of my favorite shrubs for shade. Happy GBBD!

  8. You had me LOL with your "make the best of it" bloom day post.

  9. I really like that last image, the way it was framed against the sky. Nice blooms for GBBD.

  10. Tom, I've heard a lot of folks dismiss them as "common"...I still love them!

    MulchMaid, glad we are in agreement over the Fatsia!

    Scott, glad you approve!

    Nat, yep! It's all about the foliage!

    Thank you Christine!

    Hoover, exactly!?

    Les, you've got great taste!

    Thanks Nicole!

    GardenwalkGardentalk, me too...I do love a blue sky!


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