Monday, December 12, 2011

It’s the small things…

This time of year I find myself noticing and appreciating the little things in the garden. The ones that I completely overlook when the sun is warm and the garden is a full riot of foliage. Things like the colorful new growth on a (semi hardy) Callistemon, of course the cool temperatures are really bringing out the color. The same for the pink edges of this Sedum. The smallest bit of sunshine sets this little Sedum palmeri aglow. And this tiny (6” across) volunteer fern which is hidden by the Hosta foliage all summer, only revealed once the huge Hosta leaves die back. I can’t help but notice the way the moss fills in cracks and divots in our sidewalk and driveway; they are tiny gardens all their own. This time of year the black strap leaves of Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' are almost out done by the glossy berries. And a small patch of sun is noted, and appreciated…for as long as it might last.


  1. Same here Loree, with the garden generally being more 'quiet' at this time, and with less stimulus from other plants, we get more oppotunity to actually notice the little things that do so well at this timeof the year. Little perks :)

  2. I know the's amazing all the little things you start to notice when there isn't so much vying for your attention! I'm amazed at all the plants I forgot about as they were overtaken by more "vigorous" neighbors.

  3. I love the last photo, sweet portrait of your pup.

    Weirdly enough, hard to believe, but I get moss here too, in spots that are in shade 365 days/year. Tough stuff!

  4. Are you a moss fan?

    I must admit to having a love/hate relationship with it (in fact I think that most people in Scotland are probably the same!) I don't mind it in certain places, but hate it in my lawn, but it comes with the territory unfortunately.

    A timely post though as it will make me go out and have a good look in the garden this weekend.

  5. Yesssss!!!!! Slower time to ponder and see....

  6. Little things mean a lot! And it's definitely time to be appreciating moss. Enjoy today's sun!

  7. My garden doesn't really have a downtime. There are so many things I miss out on especially with my hanging plants which are usually above eye level. You are lucky in a way to have this time to appreciate much more than the usual and be able to document it.

  8. Great post, Loree. It's important to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life--and in the garden--that can be so rewarding.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  9. Great pictures! I love your tribute to the small moments of beauty in your garden!

  10. Mark and Gaz, I'm surprised you guys have time spend in your garden just noticing things as busy as you are! Building, vacationing, nursery visiting!...

    scott, you too? There are a few things that I really love that look like they may not make it, do to over zealous neighbors who have passed on.

    Hoover, oh I believe it. I had a lot in my garden in Spokane too, which isn't typically a mossy place.

    Adam, yes I suppose I am. I know it's bad when it grows in a lawn but I actually like the way it looks. Hope you found some welcome surprises in your garden!

    Lauren, well put.

    MulchMaid, oh I did...I finally wrapped up the banana!

    Bom, part of me agrees with you about the downtime...but part of me does not! So much time is spent getting ready for winter, or getting rid of it's effects come spring. I would love to experience a year round garden just once in my life!

    Gerhard, odd that we'd be talking about slowing down the middle of the holiday rush huh?

    Thank you for visiting Mary!

  11. Little winter moss gardens in crevices here too. Love your sensible pup finding the patch of sun.


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