Thursday, December 22, 2011

So what did I do with those Blue Atlas Cedar branches?

I had such high hopes for my $8.99 blue cedar branches (click here if you want to read about the hunt), I was confident I could come up with some clever way of using them that would make me forget all about wanting a Blue Atlas Cedar tree…no problem! But you know what? Sometimes there just is no substitute for what you really want. Since we are spending Christmas at home this year I wanted a tree, branches alone weren’t going to cut it. So up went the vintage aluminum tree. I do love it! For the Blue Atlas Cedar branches…I thought about making a garland/swag for the mantle, but in the end just made sort of a centerpiece and mixed in some silver balls, stars, and Tillandsia. I planned to put the tallest branches in several vases, and distribute them throughout the house. But they were far too heavy, and curved in such a way that only the strongest of vases would stay upright, so only one vase full of branches was done up. At least it went right where I could stare at the blue needle clusters… I used a few more cuttings to fill a metal bowl as a centerpiece on our dining table, and tucked in a few ornaments. I should explain they look old because they are, I love the crackled and faded look of vintage ornaments and they’re all I use. What was left got mixed in with some greens I scavenged on a long walk after a windy night, along with a little Eucalyptus left over from a cheap Trader Joes bouquet, to make a wreath for the inside of our front door. I was happy with things until the day I unexpectedly came face to face with a potted Blue Atlas Cedar tree at a quick nursery visit…my heart skipped a beat and then sunk. Sometimes there is no substitute for what you really want.


  1. Your arrangements are beautiful. I love the chicken wire tree, the vintage ornaments, the great colors and natural greens are all so special.

    I envy your evergreen choices. Natural greens don't work here at all. By the time they arrive at the stores they are already brown. *sigh*

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I agree, your arrangements are stunning. Sunset Magazine should do an article on your decorations! I love your aluminum tree, and the cedar branches are incredible. I never used to be a conifer guy, but that has started to change!

    P.S. I bought two of those eucalyptus bouquets from Trader Joe's but they didn't even last a week :-(

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  3. What you did with your branches turned out beautifully! You totally did not need a whole tree. I may do something like this next year. I haven't even put our fake tree up, and I don't think I will. Too much work for too little reward, and then it all has to come down again. I could cope with branches though.

  4. My wife inherited that same tree from her grandma! She even found a place online that sells reproductions of the original light accessory. It looks like a table top fan but with a colored glass disc that spins slowly with lights behind it. You plug it in and point it at the tree, it looks pretty amazing.

    I really like your pine boughs with the air plants!

  5. Beautiful. Merry Christmas. See you next year!

  6. There are so many Atlas Cedar, Cedar of Lebanon, etc cedar limbs here to use, on trees planted in too-small spaces. You are giving me ideas for such incredible displays!

  7. Very creative Loree, and beautiful results!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  8. Shirley, wow...that sounds so sad. Just yesterday I was walking by a florist with buckets and buckets of greens on the sidewalk. The smell was absolutely intoxicating...

    Gerhard, I fell for the Protea at TJ's and it just happened to have some Eucalyptus mixed in, how can you not pick up a bundle of 3 Protea for $5.99?...btw I too had a long running dislike of Conifers. I am finally starting to be won over...slowly.

    Allison, yay! Glad to have inspired.

    Ryan, to have an aluminum tree that was a family members is extra special. I've never had one of those light wheels, although I have a good friend who did. Glad to know they are being made again as often the tree survived the ages but the light did not. I bet your boys love it!

    Lancashire Rose, I hope you're traveling someplace for the holidays so we can all enjoy more of your travel posts in the new year.

    DD, that sounds even better than going to a nursery or florist to purchase branches.

    Thank you Mark and Gaz, and the same to you both!

  9. The mantle is gorgeous: you are very talented! Looks like something out of a style magazine.

    There are a couple of blue atlas cedars in the neighborhood, 40' tall maybe, and yes, they are extremely beautiful. I'm kind of hankering after one myself.


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