Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yep, we’re back at McMenamins Kennedy School...

I couldn’t resist stopping to photograph their gorgeous blooming Ceanothus… This photo tells a larger story…dead lawn = more plantings! On other side of the building the same story, lots of new planting gonna be going on around here. This Beschorneria was looking a little toasted this winter. No longer…it appears to be just fine. As is the Agave bracteosa… And Agave parryi. Is this a Barberry? This Dicentra shot is for you Ryan! Nice white bottle-brush-“ish” flowers. Anyone able to identify this one? Rheum And finishing up our visit with the beautiful Magnolia laevifolia.


  1. The shrub with the bottlebrush flowers is a type of Fothergilla . I have just recently started to follow your blog , your posts are always interesting .

    1. Yes. Also known as witch alder.

  2. I'm pretty sure your white bottle-brush is Fothergilla.

  3. Gorgeous photos!
    Its magnificent to see the Ceanothus this time of the year!

  4. Total WOW on those ceanothus! Is the first one Pt. Reyes? I want one of those tiny-leaved ones but they seem less hardy, so I hesitate. The bottle-brushy shrub is great - thanks to your commenters in agreeing on Fothergilla. It's gorgeous!

  5. thanks for the dicentra shot Loree! I can look at that while I think about how one of my creatures (little kid, big kid or dog) trampled my golden bleeding heart.

    that rheum is AWESOME. I have to get some

  6. great post...I'm so jealous of their Rheum...hopefully mine will be that big someday.

  7. My Ceanothus isn't even showing buds yet. Beautiful shots.

  8. Love that place! Everytime I drive by, I just about crash the car from rubber necking!!

    Wyatt's Mom

  9. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    Wow! I am big fan of purply/blue flowers and the ceanothus is amazing. I wonder if I can grow it in zone 6? Another confirmation that the bottle-brushy shrub is Fothergilla. Just in case you don't turns AMAZING shades of orange, red, maroon and yellow in Fall. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics...

  10. Jomo, thank you!

    Alison, since you back up Jomo's id it must be! Thank you!

    Lauren, isn't it! I was driving by when I saw them and almost slammed on my brakes. So vibrant!

    MulcMaid, I don't think so (Pt. Reyes) as in my experience Pt. Reyes is more of a low grower and this one is tall. By the way if you are considering Pt. Reyes mine sailed through last winter unharmed!

    Ryan, bummer. I am sorry! I did see a nice Rheum at Portland Nursery on Stark Street last week.

    Scott, me too! (jealous)

    Grace, while mine is none are big enough for this sort of impact.

    Wyatt's mom...maybe you should let Wyatt drive?

    igd, well...maybe it's just best to enjoy the Ceanothus in pictures? It looks like zone 6 is a little beneath their range. I'm sorry!

  11. Great pics. That plant is a barberry and may be B. julianae. I'd like to have a positive ID as well as I have a bunch of them growing away soon to be added to my plant list :P

    The Ceanothus is probably 'Dark Star' or less likely 'Julia Phelps'.

    Igardendaily: Look for Ceanothus prostratus, it's hardy to zone 5b-6 at least. It is native to central Washington and Oregon and the Siskyou/Klamath region, but is rare in cultivation. C. velutinus is even hardier, and taller, and with bigger flowers, but they're white, not blue :(

  12. The barberry looks supiciously like my B. replicata, but a similar one at Joy Creek is B. lologensis. Always fun to see what is going on at Kennedy School.


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