Monday, May 30, 2011

I take back everything I said

What is that saying? “Be careful what you wish for”? Just a couple of weeks ago I was moaning about the sad state of my Tetrapanax plants this spring. Turns out I had no idea what was cooking just below the surface. It’s the front garden Tetrapanax we’re focusing on. Up top is the mother plant, which lost its height. It's making a rapid comeback, this is how the new shoots look now. Nice huh? Then I noticed this little baby about 2 ft away. Cool! Then I saw this, about 2.5 ft away from mama. And now this, almost 3 ft away! Oh my! Things are getting very interesting indeed! Perhaps their reputation as being a little bit of a thug has a basis after all!

(p.s. I just found two more this morning after I scheduled this post...yikes!)


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    A little bit of a thug? Nah. Just an "enthusiastic" performer in the garden ;)

  2. I'd be willing to conduct a potted tetrapanax experiment if you need to get some of those thugs out of there...

  3. A welcome thug...I think?
    One of mine is still waiting for warmer temps.

  4. Hi Loree, it never fails to amaze me how a T-Rex can grow so vigorously and huge from a tiny shoot only a few weeks before.

    Just keep pinching off the suckers where they are not supposed to be. Maybe let one or two get bigger too? They also prop easily via root cuttings :)

  5. Woah! That's a little freaky. It can be thuggish here in NE Florida too, but I guess that it just requires careful siting.

  6. Mine is as prolific (or slutty) as yours. I have them coming up all over the place, including several in total shade underneath my deck. We will be having a culling session this coming weekend.

  7. OMGosh. It's going to look so cool when the babies grow up! My one plant didn't die back to the ground. I wonder if this dying back is what causes it to colonize.

  8. Oh careful, indeed! How exciting though...I'm always so excited by volunteers like this that I tend to let them get too far along before dealing with them (if, they are a problem to begin with). I'm a bit of a softy and can't bring myself to snuff out the poor things. Do you still have room for your 'Panax Forest after your re-design this spring? If so...score!

    BTW...thanks for the heads-up on my blog is the first day I was even able to log in...sheesh...I hope blogger gets it's act together.

  9. ...and there you have it!

  10. Patricia T, don't get me wrong...I like a little well placed enthusiasm!

    Patricia C, as usual here you are offering to go above and beyond! Just as soon as I have my stock tank Tetrapanax forest underway I'll gift remaining babies to you. And I am sure they'll be a coming.

    linda, yes...I am not complaining. Although it is just a little intimidating!

    Mark and Gaz, I'll be letting them all get a bit bigger and transplanting those that are not wanted here.

    Rainforest, of the 3 established plants that I have this is by far the most's kind of fun to see where they pop up next!

    Les, oh gosh that reminds me of the time I drove by a house with lots of bamboo, and a side door deck that was completely unusable due to the bamboo pushing up through the wood slats!

    Grace, not that I am an expert but it certainly does seem related (the dying back).

    scott, yes! A few will stay here and the others will move to the backyard stock tank, where I always wanted a huge 'Panax forest. (seriously! these issues are getting a little crazy!)

    Lauren, will I someday be following in your footsteps?

  11. I just discovered a few of these babies. I don't mind...lots of room here...but what I want is BIG!

  12. Exciting! I would think they're easy enough to transplant elsewhere. The Tetrapanax forest up the street from me is really starting to show its roaming style - and the house sold last year to apparent non-gardeners, so it will be interesting. Your volunteers are in fine hands!


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