Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 2011 Bloomday

It’s not really feeling like May 15th in the garden. I can’t believe how far behind both the plants and I am. The plants in their growth and flowering (like the Rhododendrons above and below) and me in completing my annual spring migration of the tender container plants back outside, it’s just been too cold and wet!

Here’s my best attempt at a Bloomday photo tour of what's blooming in the garden…the back yard Rhododendron has opened one floret (?)…last year the whole shrub was in full glorious bloom. Point Reyes Ceanothus is finishing up. While Ceonothus Impress ‘Victoria’ is just getting started. Unknown Clematis I’ve ripped out this ornamental Strawberry multiple times. It keeps on coming back. Luckily it stays small. The Arugula is starting to flower, and still haven’t gotten a single bloom on the Sugar Snap Peas. Lilly of the Valley, so old fashioned but I love them. What they say is true too. I planted just a couple and now I have this… Nothing can stop the power of a Kniphofia! Even though the foliage is all tied up for house painting the bloom spike is breaking free. The same can be said for the Solomon’s seal. This is a tough plant that doesn't let a little adversity stand in it's way. Dug and put in tubs (and pulled in and out of the garage while the house is painted) it’s not even missing a beat. I got a little worried when I sliced into a thick white tuber (?) but they don’t seem to care. Grevillea juniperina 'Low Red' Love it! Most of the Euprhorbia are still shining on. Euphorbia characias ssp wulfenii… Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia polychroma Euphorbia cyparissias The label on this Ledebouria ‘Gary Hammer’ read in part “a whacked out version of the common squill, this Mexican form is better in foliage than in flower.” No doubt about it. Rosemary (not sure of the variety) Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodfruff) Sedum palmeri Saxifraga x urbium 'Aureopunctata' (London Pride), I cheated and took these pictures earlier in the week. Right before I cut all them off. They were just to busy! I know, I’m being a flower curmudgeon. But the truth is I’m feeling more in the mood for Foliage Follow-up this month than Bloomday. So come back tomorrow and I promise pretty plant pictures….and no curmudgeon.

(I almost forgot! For more flower-power visit May Dreams Gardens….our Bloomday hostess)


  1. I was wondering hasn't stopped raining . No chance of photo taking today!
    I'm very envious 'Gary hammer' died the death. To near the rain chain?

  2. linda, ya it's pretty bleak out there today isn't it? I took most of these pictures yesterday, knowing I wouldn't be motivated in the rain.

  3. The blooms of your Grevillea juniperina 'Low Red' are so exotic looking. Really nice. And the Euphorbias look great as usual.

  4. I really like the little vignette of the sweet woodruff with the dark and variegated leaves to set it off. My spring this year has been warmer than last year's but it's suddenly turned cold and overcast--May Gray. The garden seems to be taking a breath between the first flush of flowers and the next one about to begin... Happy Bloom Day!

  5. I've got two Lily of the Valley sprigs right beside me. The scent is to die for, don't you think? Love your blooms and that spread of London Pride is to die for!

    BTW, my blog address is NOW I'm just letting everyone know. Thanks.

  6. HEY LOREE! The clematis is Montana 'pink perfection'.....I love the Montanas!

  7. loving that unknown clematis...I could take a few more of those around here :)

    your lily of the valley photo is stunning, btw!

    Oh, and that's ornamental? ...but not false? I have the same, with white it simply a weed?

  8. Sorry about the slow pace of spring. Wish I could have that busy clump of London Pride! Such a cool plant.

  9. Your blooms are beautiful, interesting, and so colorful. We had a slow spring...and then a heat wave which seemed to help everything catch up. Happy GBBD Day!

  10. Where have you sited the squill - Mine are dying a slow death indoors and I need to get them out.

  11. Euphorbia - that's my fav. What a lovely colour.

  12. RBell, I am so in love with that plant! Unfortunately the other Grevillea I've planted are doing nothing.

    James, the Sweet Woodruff is such a bright happy green plays nice with almost everything.

    Grace, you called it. They smell much bigger than you would think they could.

    Digs, thanks for the Clematis id! I found it, just a tiny sprig, buried behind a bunch of daisies I dug out when we moved in. I've never known what it was but it sure has grown to be quite happy!

    allenaim, I've always thought of it as ornamental but you are probably correct and should call it false! What ever it is it blooms and blooms bit never any berries.

    Denise, is London Pride sold in your neck of the woods? You've commented on it before...I owe you for the fabu agave you sent me, can I send you some?

    Sage B, thank you for stopping by!

    Jenn, mine is new to me this year so I have no experience to offer. It's planted in a full sun (not early or late but midday) bed.

    Evelyn, I love it too. Sadly this year I've gotten rid of 3 of them!!! I can't believe I've done that.

  13. Wonderful blooms Loree! Looks like spring is definitely there now after a bit of delay :) The Grevillea is my favourite!

  14. i'm glad someone gave an id to the clematis, I really like those leaves.

    great blooms! the Saxifraga is my fav.


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