Thursday, May 12, 2011

The last one to show up at the dinner party

There is always one.

Your invitations went out early, they clearly said 7 pm. But there is always that one guest who can’t possibly be bothered to show up until 10. Being on time would send the wrong message, the other guests might think they had nowhere else to be. Can’t have that. No…they must be late so all eyes are on them as the grand entrance is made.

Welcome to the party, Rodgersia tabularis (pictured along with a Lily of the Valley, which had already claimed this spot at the table)


  1. Nice to see ALL the guests made it to the garden party, however late! Welcome Rodgersia tabularis!

  2. There must be an evolutionary advantage to being chronically late. The houseguest might get to go home with extra leftovers, the Rodgersia might miss a freak patch of late frost...

  3. Ha! I'm still waiting for many of my hostas to make an appearance. So hard to wait in spring. I'm glad you didn't lose your Rodgersia.

  4. Fabulous! So glad it came back!

  5. MulchMaid, now it's time to see who shows up for brunch. Will the Colocasia make an appearance (I think it was late June last year before I saw any growth)...and what about the hold-out Eucomis? There is always mystery in the garden!

    James, very good point!

    VW, wow...Hosta's still? I forgot how slow spring can be to get started in Spokane! Hey I think I'm going to be at the Friends of Manito plant sale in June! Do you ever go to that?

    Scott, me too!


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