Friday, November 12, 2010

Ravenna Gardens in the fall

Generally when I have a collection of pictures to share from a vacation I like to post them in the order in which I actually visited the attractions. However I am breaking with tradition and skipping over the rest of our Vancouver BC stops and heading right to Ravenna Gardens in Seattle.
Why? Well they were all decked out in their fall finery and I realized if I waited too long to share then it could possibly be the wrong season. Who wants to look at punkins, gourds and rich fall colors after November 25th? Not I…by then I’m on to the glitter and glam of Christmas. So I give you fall, Ravenna Gardens style.
Ravenna Gardens is a great little nursery and garden shop right in the middle of the U-Village shopping center in Seattle's University District. It’s a great place to visit for a plant break in the middle of shopping at H&M, Crate and Barrel and the like. It was twilight when I visited, thus the slightly out of focus and off color look to some of the photos.
If you look closely at the glass teardrop you'll see a Tillandsia in the bottom. Personally I love the big rope knot holding it up.
I love the look of the pleated zinc planters.And of course the turquoise planter on the right.
And I'll take the metal cart too!
Want more Ravenna Gardens pictures? I visited them in 2009 and posted about it here.


  1. great pics! my favorite has to be number 5, the big orange/red pot. The shot of The New Terrarium book also served as a handy reminder to add that one to my To Read list.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us! I love the carved container to the left of the turquoise one and think it would make a perfect orchid planter. Oh, and the cart with hypertufa, succulents AND Debra Lee Baldwin's book? I'll take it too!

  3. It's a great garden boutique. I love that turquoise planter, too. I was disappointed when the Portland branch of Ravenna Gardens in Pioneer Place closed some years ago - not that I could afford to keep them in business, of course but I still have a few pots I splurged on from there. I'm happy to know they carry on in Seattle!

  4. Why, oh why, did they not make it in Portland?

  5. Ryan, oh too! But I'm really excited about the new Timber Press terrarium book coming out soon written by my friend Kate Bryant and Amy Bryant-Aiello of Artemisia. It's gonna be good!

    RFG, you know I would have loved to have you all there with me. Isn't that carved planter cool? I wanted it too but I wouldn't put anything in it, I'd leave it empty.

    Jane, I remember how surprised I was when I heard they had a Portland location. Before my time I'm afraid.

    ricki, that is an excellent question!

    Thanks for stopping by Charlotte!

  6. I've been reviewing the succulent garden book and its overdo at the library because I can't give it up! :)

  7. The amazing variety of pumpkins really amused me.


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