Monday, November 15, 2010

Bloomday, November 2010

Here’s the exciting new bloom this month in the danger garden, Mahonia x media ‘Charity.’ I am oh so glad I finally bought a Mahonia, and I see several more in my future.
The blooms still have a teensy bit further to go before they are in their prime but for now I’m enjoying them just like this.
Now for the rest of the gang…this is probably the last hurrah for most of these, some of them have been going on for months! Like the Hydrangea.
They are such a vibrant pink right now!
If we only had another month of warm(ish) weather this Castor Bean boom might actually develop. As it is I think this is probably it.
I love the fun shapes of the Fatsia Japonica blooms.
I recently read somewhere that they make great cut “flowers” (I think the article actually recommended tucking them in amongst cut flowers to add textural interest). I just might have to try that.
The tiny blooms of the Black Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens') are fairly inconsequential, until the black berries form in a month or two.
No frost yet = the Canna’s are still looking good. Even blooming!
Eryngium variifolium.
And Eryngium venustum.
There are still a few Lavender blossoms.
Hakonechloa (Japanese Forest Grass).
Cyperus involucratus (Umbrella Palm).
And last, but definitely not least, the power house of the garden this year….the Kangaroo Paws, still going strong.
Their flowers are a little more yellow, a little less orange this month. I believe that can be attributed to their living indoors when the temperatures have dipped.
I discovered a happy colony of aphids on them this morning so they’ve gone back outside for treatment (a good squirt with the hose and a little Neem). Luckily I think I caught it before any damage could be done. Damn aphids.
So, if you’re new to this monthly adventure this is when you need to click on over to May Dreams Gardens and check out all the beautiful things blooming in gardens around the world on this November 15th. Enjoy!


  1. I bought that Mahonia this year too, but they didn't like being planted in the ground. They dropped a bunch of leaves. Looks like they are still alive, but mine have no sign of flowers. Maybe next year...

    Love that kangaroo paw, I've never grown it, but the flowers are so unusual!

  2. That is a spectacular mahonia. Looks great in a pot, but am wondering if you're worried about overwintering it. I see it's zoned 7 to 9. Fine bloom day post, Loree.

  3. The Mahonia is looking good - that variety is on my Gotta Get list.

  4. I agree with Darla, that hydrangea is stunning, I love their color in the fall...and that Kangaroo Paw is rad, down with the aphids!

  5. Great pics. I love the photos of the fatsia flower and the mondo grass. The kangaroo paw is lovely, paler than I often see in the nurseries here, very pretty. Your explanation is interesting.

  6. We've had 2 light frosts here in Norcal Lori, but only the basil bit the dust-I still have Dahlia flowers on uniformly crappy looking plants-I wish they'd get it over with !

  7. My mahonia is a bit behind yours, and each of the last two years it has gotten blasted before the flowers could develop. Keeping my fingers crossed for this year.

  8. Darla, I have a love hate relationship with it. Imagine having a HUGE plant in your garden that starts out with blue flowers that transition to pale puke pink and then finally turn a vibrant pink in late fall. It's a mind bender.

    Alison, I'm sorry to hear that! Maybe my laziness in putting it in a pot paid off?

    Denise, no not worried, just undecided. When I brought it home I couldn't figure out where to plant it and since I had a big container being underutilized in it went. I figure I'll have a empty spot or two after winter blows through and then I can figure out where to plant it.

    RBell, and to think I used to not like them (or so I thought).

    scott, stupid aphids! And stupid me evidently. I read the label on the Neem oil after I sprayed, it doesn't say anything about killing aphids! What was I thinking.

    Hi Mac! Thanks for stopping by. The kangaroo paw was in intense vibrant orange all summer, the change is indeed interesting to watch.

    ks, the word is our frost is coming. Sunday night or Monday depending. I guess it's time to get my bottom in gear and pull the Ensete if I want to try to overwinter them. Oh and the Echium cuttings too! Damn.

    ricki, oh no! That's no good. My fingers are crossed too.

  9. I love the mahonia. So exotic looking. Wonder if it would grow in Texas. We have mahonia here but have not seen that particular one.

  10. That is one impressive Mahonia, and to think it's blooming now?

    Happy bloom day!


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