Friday, November 26, 2010

Bromeliads, the “it” plant?

It seems bromeliads maybe the “it” plant these days for shopping mall and commercial plant installation and care companies. I see them everywhere! They’re adding color at the mall…And looking tropical chic in an office building lobby.
Turns out they are also available in abundance at the big box store.
In every color of the rainbow!
And even with pineapples.
This planter reminded me of 70’s tiki-style…I like it; it works well with the bromeliads.So did you get my “black Friday” tie-in? I managed to work in a post about malls and big box stores on the day that kicks off the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Maybe I’m subliminally influencing you to get out there and by Bromeliads for the ones you love this Christmas...or if a Bromeliad isn't your thing then an Agave makes a nice gift too! Maybe I should go in search of Agave gift giving ideas...hmmm....


  1. They are beautiful...I only have the Queen's Tears Bromeliad, over 15 years old in the same container...

  2. Darla, you know just the right thing to say! My Queen's Tears has been in the same container for about 4 years. I feel guilt every-time I look at it...but if yours is going on 15 years then maybe I'm not so bad!!!

  3. There's lots of color in them thar bromies. I'm sure they're lots more exciting than shopping for socks. :)

  4. Yes! I have been seeing them all over malls and office buildings. Definitely the it plant! Nice subliminal messaging ;)

  5. They do make good gifts, but are a little problematic to wrap.

  6. Grace, yet another reason to not like socks.

    Laura, thanks!

    Les, a come on! Where's your imagination? Actually think Tillandsia...easy to wrap right!?

  7. Oh yes Broms are definitely much better than socks and a great gift any time of the year.

    I love the images you found - such striking colors which I just adore.


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