Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Whole 9 Yards

The Whole 9 Yards is a marvelous fabric store in NE Portland, they have the most luxurious fabrics for the home. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a project that required me to stop in and I forgot they have such great plantings! Let’s take a look...of course this is what first caught my eye. Gorgeous, no!? …I really should know what they are, its right there on the tip of my tongue…but that’s where it remains. Whatever it is I know it’s made it through a couple of bad winters as I remember seeing them last time I as here, a couple of years ago. Can anyone help me out with an i.d.? There are two more in this picture below, with a yucca in the front.
I’ve said this many times before (usually in reference to the McMenamins restaurants) but I love spending my money at local businesses that make the effort to spruce up their surroundings, and in turn the city. Why drive out to the suburbs to spend money in a chain fabric store in a strip mall when I can enjoy this!?
Once inside I inquired about the mystery plant, perhaps a Nolina? They weren’t able to identify the plant but they did tell me I could check with the guys at Cistus as they’re the ones that designed and installed the plantings. Of course they would be behind this little oasis, it makes perfect sense!
A few close ups of my mystery plant.


  1. That is a lovely little place isn't it. I would say one of the Nolinas

  2. Can't help with a name but what a great plant!

  3. Mystery plant is Nolina 'La Siberica'. Very nice! It will trunk up eventually.

  4. I have always admired the Whole Nine Yards garden as well. Thanks for blog. I really enjoy it.

  5. I love it when businesses go above and beyond what is required to landscape their properties. Perhaps tonights mystery plant is some species of Sotol.

  6. When that fabric shop was in NW I used to wander in periodically just to soak up the atmosphere.
    That plant sure is a beaut.

  7. I second the Nolina ID. It's always a happy thing when a business bothers to put in decent landscaping, and maintain it!

  8. NOLINA! Duh, I feel like a dummy now! Beautiful grouping too!

  9. Nice! I really like the plant with the variegated leaves and the garnet and gold bloom!

  10. Spiky O, and it appears you would be right! That was my first guess too but I couldn't find any pictures to support it!

    Andrew, I see one in my future for sure.

    Josh, thanks again (that's 2 I.D.'s in a row). And those are some gorgeous shots on your site!!!

    Mary Ann, thank you for the comment!

    Les, Nolina it turns out.

    ricki, I discovered it on a trip before we even lived here...fabric heaven!

    Javelina, you make a good point. I hate it when I see a new place open with great plants that then never ever get tended to again.

    RFG, I guess that makes two of us eh?

    Darla, that is an Abutilon but I can't say which one.

  11. How rad, I've never been there before...but I agree about business with nice landscaping, I sorta feel like we must be kindred spirits if they spent the time and effort (and $$$) on something like that, instead of another bed of geraniums :-)

  12. Looks like a nolina to me, and I see it's already been ID'd for you. The variegated 'Marilyn's Choice' abutilon is cool too.

  13. the other one looks like a bicacaro.


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