Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s a WWTT double shot!

This beautiful picture was on Paradis Express a few weeks ago. I stared at it for quite awhile, imagining what it would be like to live there. And then I asked myself “what were they thinking?” Really WWTT? The huge Opuntia arching over a doorway seems just a little, well, problematic to me. Those paddles break off on their own occasionally (after all that’s how I got mine from my neighbor) and they have hundreds if not thousands of little glochids (tiny, finely barbed hair-like spines) just waiting to pierce your skin and cause pain and irritation (trust me, I speak from experience). Imagine having one fall from the sky and land on your head. Ouch!

Speaking of, here are my neighbor’s plants, currently looking happy and healthy while leaning a little precariously over the sides of their containers. Don’t worry little guys….I’m watching you.
Okay I promised you another WWTT so here it is.
The Grass Charging Station.
Seriously! Astroturf for your portable electronics? WWTT!?
I spotted this “must have” at the Container Store a few weeks ago and it was featured on Design Sponge yesterday. For only $24.99 it can be yours.
Look at them all cozy in the “grass”. But why?


  1. I must admit that I like the look of the house... maybe just the wrong kind of plants.

  2. I would be perpetually paranoid of those falling on my head...and finally...cell phones in their natural habitat! hahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. I think that is one of the Burbank opuntia ficus indica
    (which I also have) that is completely free of spines and glochids and great from grilling when young.

  4. Evelyn, oh me too! I would love to live there, as long as there is a garden out back.

    Scott, haha! Good one!

    Nicole, you have a point there! If they are the spineless variety then they would be safer, lets hope that's the case.

  5. Could there be any more dangerous a garden than one in which you exit under the umbrella of a prickly pear ? Risk and victory .

    What happens to the cells when you water the grass ?

  6. Why? Indeed! I can only imagine how much dust the grass charger accumulates! ...And HOW would you clean it?

  7. The entrance to this home is very interesting isn't it. The grass charging station is just weird!

  8. ks, good point! And what about mowing?

    Lauren, well you would probably just toss it and go buy whatever the latest silly equivalent might be. Maybe a cell-phone sofa and you hide the cords in the cushions?

    Darla, it looks welcoming enough at first glance doesn't it?

  9. I to like the look of that doorway but they probably should have rethought the optunia. Now what the heck is with the fake grass phone charger. Geez what will they think of next. But someone will buy it!

  10. even if it is a spineless opuntia, that agave next to the door looks like it has mean spikes at the ends of each leaf...

  11. Looks like the ultimate danger garden to me. You sure that's not your house? ;-)


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