Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes, you just should ask.

Back in May of 2009 I took dg readers on a little tour of a few interesting parking strip/hell strip gardens around NE Portland. I included this picture……with a caption that read: “…this one we refer to as the project strip. I had huge hopes for this when it started, 3 or 4 years ago. Then nothing. Dunno.”
Well, slap me upside the head, now I know! It’s a bocce ball court! Seems they have a meet up there every week.
Okay…no that’s not them; its picture is a group of “Italian Gents Playing Bocce in Villa Bruno” borrowed from Wikipedia, I just had to share it.
This house, and the landscaping, are so well cared for that it never made sense to me that they just ignored the parking strip.
It’s so nice to have the mystery solved. And it really makes me wonder what interesting stories could be behind some of my WWTT posts?


  1. I love it! Great story and great use for a big, blank parking strip.

  2. Mystery solved. You're good at that!

    Now I want to know the truth behind those bizarre concrete conglomerations from your first WWTT (I think.)

  3. Sooo...did you happen upon them playing, or find out some other way?

  4. Mystery solved. The owners must be serious players.

  5. Kinda funny. I would have thought the same as you. When are they gonna get planting? You got to give them credit, they have a new, low water use for the hell strip.Probably the only one in the country too.

  6. Mystery solved! What a great idea!

  7. :) Good one. Very close to the road - hope the road is not busy.

  8. Well, I love bocce so that would be a blast. When I first moved to the mountains I tried to keep playing but all the balls rolled downhill. :)

  9. kate, yep, it really is.

    MulchMaid, ok....I'm on task....

    ricki, the husband happened upon them playing and talked with them...then reported to me.

    Grace, from what I hear the husband is.

    ks, very true!

    gardenwalkgardentalk, agreed.

    RFG, I wonder if they played and then realized how great tit would work. Or visa versa.

    Evelyn, it kind of is...but does dead end right at their strip so I guess that probably helps.

    Kate, yikes. No croquet then either?

  10. That's hilarious! We're going to have a public garden bocce ball court about a block away on 10/10/10. We have our balls ready :)


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