Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you have cotton-mouth Mr. Caterpillar?

In my recent post about Verbascum I quoted from the book Weeds of the West..... “livestock will not eat the plant because of its woolliness” Well evidently caterpillars don’t have the same issues that livestock do. Damn caterpillar.


  1. That's a wooly-lovin' caterpillar.

  2. Grrrrrrr....stupid, illiterate worms!

  3. Is that what's eating my Verbascum? Do you think the same culprit is eating the Echium?

  4. And I thought this would be a post about growing an illegal plant type!

    So what did you do with the critter?

  5. I just press the opposite leaf firmly against Mr. C. Don't even get my hands dirty. No mercy for Mr. C. And I loved the plants you brought home, especially that eryngo!

  6. What do you suppose that cute little green guy is beefing up to turn into? Might be worth sacrificing a verbascum, especially this late in the season.

  7. K&V, and a very hungry one.

    scott, really!

    Linda, could be. They are so hard to find with their tricky green coloring!

    MulchMaid, well I picked it off and laid it on a bench. Then forgot about it. I meant to put it in the yard waste bin, this is where all the evil critters go, that way they can gorge themselves and they go away!. When I remembered to look there was no sign of it. So it crawled away to do more damage or a bird got a nice snack. I prefer the latter.

    Denise, but that awful squish feeling. I hate it!

    ricki, but the Verbascum will continue to be gorgeous all winter, if the caterpillar goes away! No sacrificing going on here.

  8. Damn caterpillar is right!


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