Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fruits of the Cornus kousa

Just when I think I’ve seen it all at Kennedy School I come face to face with this.
Pretty crazy eh?
According to Erich Petschke (Asst. Corporate Gardener for McMenamin's) the tree is a named variety of Cornus kousa (Dogwood). He said a trip to archives might produce the name (wouldn’t you love to see the archives?), and I’ll update with the name if I get it. What a mess they can make, but oh so worth it!
In the meantime I wanted to get these pictures up in time that any of you Portlanders that might want to plan a visit to the Kennedy School to check it out could. The tree is growing against the back of the building at the north end of the parking lot. Since I was there I also had to snap a few shots of some of my favorite plants….like this Manfreda undulata 'Chocolate Chips'
Agave parryi…
And all of these wonderful Sedum palmeri. I don’t remember seeing them before. I wonder if they’re new?


  1. Nice- they look edible... are they?

  2. Another great reason to love dogwoods!

  3. I believe they are edible - tasty though?

  4. Yes, they are tasty. I gather mine and let them dry to use tied onto gifts, jellies, etc.

  5. What a great plant.
    I grow Sedum palmeri and agave parryi outside here in wet London and they get through ever winter without problems, tough little things. I love the manfreda chocolate chips as well, but that one gets protected over winter.

  6. I want that Manfreda!!!! Cool tree :)

  7. I love that chocolate chips. I would like to find one. And I wonder what the berries are called? I have a Parryi with lots of babies. So pretty!

  8. The fruits are great looking.... so colourful and juicy looking. ~bangchik

  9. They are indeed edible, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone call them tasty before! Cornus mas fruits, on the other hand, are quite yummy.

  10. Evelyn, evidently (see ricki's comment)

    Jane, our neighbors produces the most amazing little brilliant red seeds, tiny compared to these but still beautiful.

    Les, according to ricki!

    ricki, now that's a great idea!

    Spiky Obsession, good to know! I've been worrying about my Sedum palmeri.

    Megan, still no Manfreda for you? Shame!

    Candy, I got my Choc chips from Plant Delights nursery.

    Bangchik, if I get brave (or crazy) and try one I'll report,

    Greensparrow, perhaps there is a Splendid Table episode on this subject in your future?


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