Thursday, September 16, 2010

50% off...again at Digs Inside & Out

Okay fellow Portlanders this one’s for you… Digs Inside & Out, on Alberta is having another 50% off sale. That’s 50% off EVERYTHING in the store. Everything…and right now that is an amazing assortment of summer items. Containers…Furniture….
Even a few plants…
Everything is on sale! There are even a few books…like this new book from Timber Press, The Encyclopedia of Container Plants…50% off!
Things are going fast though. I stopped today to get the orange container I missed in the window. Somehow I didn't see it yesterday...once I started looking at the pictures there it was! But was gone! Someone beat me to it.
Just for the record I am in no way affiliated with this store. I just shop there occasionally and want to share the good deals.
Here is what I had to have....I did get one cool orange container, a fabulous succulent (Graptoveria hybrid) and a greeting card with attitude, all for less than $22!!!
In case you couldn’t read the card here is a close up…
Don’t you just love it? I should have bought them all!


  1. Oh man...If only I wasn't saving my $$$ for the HPSO sale this weekend...those pots are REALLY tempting!

  2. Such an appropriate card for the danger garden!

  3. Hi Loree, I've got an entire book with vintage people drawings juxtaposed with sassy sayings. One of my favorites is a lady swathed across a fancy settee claiming "They're wrong. Hard work has killed lots of people." The book unfortunately did not contain this kick ass garden sentiment darn it. I love it!! Cheapo that I am I probably would have grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of it. But then again it is 50% off...

    Fun store. You got some real deals. I only hope you saved a few bucks for that sale this weekend Scott is saving for.

    BTW, Have you heard of the hardy tapioca plant? Annie's Annuals/Perennials has it and claims it's hardy to Zone 7. The leaves are to die for. I'm thinking about buying it as I've never seen it in these parts. Is it in your garden? I just want to know if it's REALLY hardy before I pour my wallet in that direction.

  4. Very cool stuff at that store. Would be hard to control myself. Guess I am glad it is too far a drive.

  5. AAhhh! Those zero gravity tilting chairs are the best: I've been looking for one on clearance. I hope it's still there today! I totally have that same card: how could I not?! I love Digs but it's always so spendy. 50% off is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  6. scott, if you have any $ left after the sale (doubtful) you should stop by the store!

    RBell, isn't it great!?

    Grace, no worries...I've been planning for the HPSO sale. But (get this), there isn't really anything I want/need right now! I was very tempted by a couple of those plants (Manihot right?) at Cistus. I passed it up, but not next time! Annie's ships well and their plants are healthy. Can't wait to hear if you get it!

    gardenwalkgardentalk, there is that I suppose.

    LeLo, hope you score the chair and a couple of other (cheap) treasures!

  7. I was in that store a few years ago, and it was TINY! I don't see how all that (fabulous) stuff could fit in there. They must have enlarged (or gone to clown school).

  8. I love that card! Ah, and the fabulous orange chair!!! Oh yeah, and as usual the plants are super charming. Way to capture a buffet of uniqueness. Thanks for that!


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