Friday, September 17, 2010

What are you doing this weekend?

It’s time again for the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Fall Plant Sale…yes I’ll be there, but unlike the spring sale it’s not a time for giddy acquisition. Still I wouldn’t miss it, I’m even dragging a (somewhat willing) visiting from out of town friend to the show.

This will be my third trip to the fall sale. Last year I went to the sale hoping to find a good sized Tetrapanax, and I did. Here are my purchases at check-out...
This is the Tetrapanax now…
My other (totally impulse) purchases last year….two Himalayan Maidenhair ferns – planted shortly after the sale, moved to a different spot in the spring, both still alive and well even though they are currently buried under rather rambunctious Hosta foliage.
A Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow. This poor guy has been moved three times, but is still alive and well. (no that isn't a stem of a different color, on the left it's actually another Euphorbia next to it)
And a Eryngium venustum – moved early in the spring, alive and well…and blooming!
Do you notice a trend? The thing about fall plant shopping is where to put the plants! I plant them, come spring I rethink things and move them. It’s going to require something really special to tempt me this weekend. I might just leave the sale empty handed! What do you think? Care to place a bet?


  1. I can't wait!!! I suffer the same problem...I buy them, thinking, "No problem, I'll MAKE room!". Then, I get home and am completely overwhelmed, realizing there isn't a great place...unless I move, like, 4 other plants too. This year, I am being proactive and have already dug up an area for anything I buy and/or have to move. I'm sure it won't be enough...or will be in EXACTLY the wrong place though :-) Love your purchases last year...the Tetrapanax is huge (just imagine how big it'll get), those ferns are lovely...I got a native version from Bosky Dell this summer and can't wait for it to get bigger. You have to love Euphorbias...I think they might be the most forgiving plants ever. That Eyngium is awesome...I want 10 of every kind!

  2. Oh, and BTW...if you can leave empty-handed, you deserve an award for self-control :-)

  3. I bet you an agave pup you find some delicious something you can't pass up (I have an a. filifera pup for the wager.)

    If I go Saturday, I need to get in and out early, so I'm praying the traffic is lighter than the spring sale. I might wait until Sunday. But I have nothing specific on my list, so I'm prepared to be dazzled by something wonderful!

  4. You've had better luck with fall purchases. 'They' keep telling us it is the best time to plant, but you couldn't prove it by me. If there are things I can't resist, I may overwinter them on the deck and plant in early spring. Hope to see you there!

  5. Hi Loree, Good luck tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your treasures and remember, as I'm sure you know, it's not about what you "need." :) Maybe you'll find a tapioca!!

    Manihot is right. I've ordered from Annie's several times so I know her plants are superb I'm just worried about death by winter, you know? If Cistus has the plant they must feel it is hardy. So.... well, hmmm... I'll let you know. You let me know too, 'kay?

  6. I mean really, you're really just helping the economy if you do happen to succumb to the plants calling out to you, 'buy me, buy me!'
    But you must share what you've chosen so we can oooo and ahhhh, and then add things to our wish lists.

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I would have missed it today without the notice. I picked up a few things; a manzanita from Cistus, and another Callistemon and a Eucryphia from Xera.

    How about those big leafed Rhododendrons!

  8. damnit you make me wish I was in Oregon! No plant sales down here at the moment :(

  9. Scott, so how did you do? Does everything fit in your prepared space? And I didn't leave empty handed!!!

    Jane, oh this bet was a tempting one! And I appreciate your gambling nature. But of course I found a couple "must haves" - how about you? Saturday at least the crowds were very manageable!

    Grace, you are right. Need is a pointless word when you are talking about a plant sale! No Manihot though...

    Aerie-el, good point! And I did! I did help the economy!

    gh1, I am glad to hear it! OMG those Rhody''s only a matter of time until I succumb.

    Mary C, what if I told you we got a ridiculous amount of rain over the weekend? Like over 2" I think...still want to be in Oregon?


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