Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to check in on the Kennedy School gardens

Setting in the afternoon sun enjoying lunch with a friend I realized I’ve never talked about one of my very favorite features of the Kennedy School gardens, the courtyard!
Originally opened in 1915 as an elementary school, the building has an interior courtyard completely surrounded on all sides and open to the sky. As you might imagine this creates a cozy little microclimate.
In my dreams I have an interior courtyard like this in my home. Oh the things I could grow! Wouldn’t that be fabulous!?
It’s a popular space and bustling even on a weekday afternoon.
Naturally I had to have a walk around outside too, just to see what’s new.
Like all great gardens it's always changing and you always notice something different.
More beautiful bark on a tree I can’t name (anybody?)


  1. The tree looks like a Paperbark Cherry (Prunus serrula). But i can't be sure without a closer look at the leaves.

    Nice picture tour!

  2. Oh, Kennedy School, where do you get your plant budget? I am glad they keep adding to what was already a nifty space when we were there years ago. Thanks for keeping tabs on it. So, they can grow tree ferns in that courtyard? Do they have to wrap them in winter? Nice shots of the bear's breeches. How's life at Plant Lust? ")

  3. Very, very nice. Someone suggested the Kennedy School as the escape for our 30th anniversary. It was almost a go and now I'm thinking it might be a great destination for 31. I know what will happen though. I'll be documenting must have plants the whole time while hubby sits and reads his book--hardly a romantic getaway. LOL

  4. On your peeling bark tree -- take two. It could also be a Paper Bark Maple (Acer griseum). Next time you're there look at the leaves and fruits. The maple will have the characteristic samara.

  5. I agree with gh1's second opinion. What is this place that it has such cool gardens?

  6. Hmmm...I may have to cease and desist pulling out every verbascum volunteer...and lunch at the Kennedy School must go on my calendar.

  7. gh1, thanks for take one and take two...and I promise to look closer at the leaves.

    Karen, I'll have to keep an eye on just how much protection things get in the courtyard during winter, I don't think I've bothered to look before. Life at plant lust is good!

    Grace, oh but it could be! You two could stroll arm in arm around the garden and then head to the courtyard for a relaxing meal. You make notes about the plants and the husband reads!

    Les, Kennedy School is just one of the many McMenamins restaurants here in Portland. They are always in historic buildings, sometimes have a theatre or hotel included but always have great plantings!

    ricki, good girl!


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