Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A simply splendid little green-roof

I drive by these condos at least once a week. I love the style of the architecture and the simple landscaping. Stopping to take these pictures allowed me an up-close view of the plantings around the buildings. This is the front…
The interior courtyard, which is really more of a walkway includes these metal planters filled with horsetail…both standard and dwarf.
This is the side garden, on a very busy street. (I’m afraid I went a little photo crazy)
When I'm driving by what really catches my eye is the green-roof.
I have no idea if they’ve installed a supplemental irrigation system but my hunch is that they have not. We've gone a solid month with only a trace of rain and it’s still looking good, at least from the ground level. This is the view of the back of the buildings with its permeable paver parking area, off the alleyway.
This photo taken back towards the front of the building.
While peeking though that window in the small metal door. I love big sliding doors on wheels. And don’t you just love the green mailboxes?
If I could manage to live without a garden (that’s a very big ‘if’) I would love to live in a condo like one of these. But having my own soil to work with will win out every time.


  1. What a fantastic condo! That some serious green living! I really liked their sliding door. Such a modern way to show off a classic style. Whoever landscaped this did an amazing job!

  2. Loree, that is beautifully designed. I waffle between wanting a strongly designed space or giving plants a little too much room, and you probably know which side I error on. I think the danger garden has combined both approaches very well...so no need for you to leave the DG!
    Love the wispy flowers, which I think might be Geum triflorum.

  3. Very stylish-and the plants so completely suit the architecture.

  4. Love the restraint...wish I had some.

  5. Really Nice! I'm curious what it looks like in January?? Love the green roof!


  6. I absolutely love the modern architecture and corresponding plant material. The horsetail provides a strong vertical movement to accentuate the slatted wood and crisp lines of the building and the adorable mailboxes echo the paving! Its all so cute and I would live there if i had a balcony.

  7. Nicely done ! Someone had a vision beyond Rhododendrons, Roses and Hostas to be sure. And who can resist a lime green mailbox ?

  8. I love it when a company really goes out the way to put in a nice landscape. Do you know what that fuzzy pink flower is?

  9. Nice to see a design where the green features don't end with the mailboxes--but what mailboxes! In addition to being green, it's great that the residents can look out over greenery and not just roof shingles. Nice project.

  10. Oh, we drove by these condos when I was down there in Portland! It looks very well done!! Now, the goal is to not make all sustainable landscaping look like this all the time with the same plant palette.

  11. What a nice job they have done, I love it!

  12. Laura, I was secretly hoping that by posting about this place I might find out who did the landscape. So far no luck...

    Denise, oh god...I hear you. I want to be modern and restrained but there are SO MANY COOL PLANTS! Thanks for the id...I was hoping someone would know.

    Nicole, stylish indeed!

    ricki, you and me both!

    Wyatt, well...I will check back in January and let you know! Just stay tuned! (as long as I don't break my ankle again...)

    RFG, the upper units have balconies...you know, just in case you want to uproot and move to Portland.

    ks, vision for sure!

    Les, Denise says it might be Geum triflorum.

    James, agreed...I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well it was done.

    Riz, hey there! So you were very close to my home. Glad you got to see what NE Portland has to offer. You are right about the same plant palette and I think that there are enough dissenting voices here in Portland that we will always see something new. At least I hope so.

    Darla, me too!

  13. Wow, that's pretty awesome. I haven't seen any condos like that around here :/

  14. what a nice condo the the garden it so very impressing from grass to flower very beautiful.. hope my garden like that. wind spinner

  15. Landscape services provided by Amy Bryant at Artemisia on 28th Ave just south of Burnside. She's incredibly talented.

    I developed this property w/ partners who sought to contribute to the neighborhood. The area's support is what enabled this project to take place.

    Many thanks for your warm feedback.

    Marlon Basel


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