Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bloomday for August 2010

Yep. Summer is ON! Finally…a streak of really warm days! The summer bloomers have appeared. I’m most excited about my first ever Opunita bloom! Remember the paddles I was gifted by a kind gardening neighbor? (paddles from heaven) Well they are growing like crazy and there is a single desert-style bloom to brighten my front garden. Will the plants make it through the winter? Only time will tell (fingers crossed).
It’s taken a while for the Canna’s to get with it this year, what with the cold winter, wet cool spring and cool summer (overall, present weekend excluded). But they are finally blooming their bright floppy crepe paper blooms.
I love the bits the blooms leave behind too.
Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart'…
The late blooming orange/red Crocosmia.
And the yellow…
Speaking of late, this Euphorbia was blooming in June. This single rebel stem is lagging behind.
The Hydrangea is starting its crazy color fade to pink. I wish it wouldn’t.
I know I keep showing pictures of the Kangaroo Paw.
I’m sorry…I just love it so! And it just keeps on going and going…
Nicotiana is another prolific bloomer.
The Plume poppy has so many interesting stages to its bloom.
A few shots of Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood' blooming around the garden.
And a duo of Sempervivum, pink…
….and white.
This little vine, 'Cardinal Climber' Ipomoea multifida, is creeping up and around our gate and dazzling us with its vivid blooms. I wish it weren’t an annual.
And I had to include a picture of the cucumber blossoms. I don’t normally include the veggies but I’m really enjoying these so they’re in.
Happy August bloomday! Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see how others gardens are doing on this hot summer bloomday!


  1. The 'Dragon's Blood' Sedum (plant & bloom) are spectacular. Really like the look of that plant.

  2. I know I've visited before, but I've gotten a bit behind in my blog reading. So it is great fun to rediscover your blog on GBBD! Nice to see what's in bloom for you there. I planted the 'cardinal climber' this year for the first time, and it is a beauty. You've captured its flower perfectly! Happy GBBD!

  3. I noticed on the weather reports that your area is 20 degrees warmer than mine. Your plants are celebrating, for sure. It's nice to see that some of your dangerous garden residents can wow with flowers as much as the fluffy-foliaged selections...

  4. Wow! Even the cucumber flower is gorgeous! You're growing one of my all time faves: red crocosmia. Lovely pics. Happy Bloom Day! :)

  5. The sempervivum is extraordinary in your Portland climate. I have only seen Kangaroo's paws on TV. They are very pretty in orange.

  6. aloha

    you have some beautiful blooms today, so much to see here - the opunita bloom is striking

    i also love your kangaroo paws, they are such stalwarts...btw when the cannas are spent, i actually love taking cuttings of the round globes with other flowers they add a nice sculptural element to an arrangement :)

  7. Wow, lots of great color! The kangaroo paw is pretty great, and the 'dragon's blood' sedum is even better. Crocosmia is one of those things I can't get to bloom here, but would love to be able to...yours is lovely. And great blog name!

  8. I can't get enough of your kangaroo paws either. Don't stop, please.

  9. Many of your blooms are just withered June memories here. I am curious, are the Kangaroo Paws hardy for you?

  10. I am so jealous of you folks that can grow hydrangeas. Your photos are lovely.

  11. Gorgeous blooms! We finally saw some sun today :)

  12. Who'd a thunk? Blooms in the danger garden? Ha,ha! I love them.

    My fingers are also crossed for the longevity of your Opunita--very cool plant.

    I found a few Log House Nicotiana alata cultivars on sale for 99 cents each [four-inch] at Garland recently. My hope is that they'll reseed. Is yours 'Mutabilis'?

    I actually enjoyed your orange/red Crocosmia blossom. I'm normally not a fan of the color but yours has a specialness about it. It's that thing you do... :)

    I too wish the cardinal climber had the wherewithal to withstand our winters and keep on a keepin' on. There is no vine quite like it.

    My compliments!

  13. RBell, me too...I just wish it stayed looking so good through the winter months.

    Hi Aerie-el, I am glad you think so (captured the 'cardinal climber' flower). It was hard to do...with it being so darn bright!

    James, just one more day near 100 and then we back down into the low 90's and high 80's...I (and the plants) are enjoying it while we've got it.

    Kate, happy bloomday back at ya!

    GardenwalkGardentalk, I am very happy that Sempervivum is so prolific here in the NW. It (almost) makes up for the lack of in-the-ground Agaves.

    Noel, great idea with the spent canna in an arrangement. I'll be copying you.

    Hi Amy, thank you for stopping by!

    ricki, ok, I won't stop until they do.

    Les, nope. They'll be goners once the cold weather hits, but it was $11.99 very well spent.

    Tufa Girl, agave vs hydrangea. I don't know that I would chose the hydrangea.

    Megan...yay for SF sun!

    Grace, I hate to admit that I can't find the tag for the Nicotiana so I'm not sure! Bad gardener.


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