Friday, August 13, 2010

WWTT Number 6

It’s a pond. No, it’s a bathtub. When I first saw this I figured maybe the bathtub was for sale. Or maybe it would have a “take me I’m free” sign on it.
But nope…it appears to be performing like a pond…featuring this lovely Water Canna, looks like it’s about to bloom too.
There must be a back story here. But I was too chicken to go knock on the door and ask. See how much fun you are missing out on by having a shy blogger at the WWTT helm?


  1. Bizarre. I would be terrified to knock on the door of anyone who does such a thing... its so confusing!

  2. I need to add a water canna to one of my ponds.

    I don't mind the upcycling of the tub, but it needs to have some sort of finish on the edges. I'm thinking cutting up palatte wood to make a rough box, give it a unified appearance, and hide the nasty underside.

    But hey, a planted tub is better than a tub in the landfill.

    Have they got a handfull of feeder fish in there to take care of the inevitable mosquitoes?

  3. It looks like a mosquito-infested abandoned project. It has potential in the right place but stuck out here in the middle of...well, nowhere it looks nothing short of stupid. The plant itself seems happy if not a little crooked though, poor thing.

    Honestly Loree, I don't think I would have the nerve to knock on the door either. Some mysteries are just not worth the potential risk involved in solving them. I suppose we should applaud the owner for trying.

  4. I would be tossing mosquito donuts in there regularly if I lived next door. Gross. Sorry but toilets and bathtubs belong indoors-call me old fashioned.

  5. Weird. Some cheap bamboo fencing around the unfinished edges would make it look a little less like garbage. A couple more plants would make it a little more exciting too. Glad you didn't knock on the door.

  6. And I thought the claw-footed tub filled with petunias was a stretch.

  7. Oh Gawd I don't know how you always come across these things...Maybe people in your neck are of the woods are more "creative"!

  8. Yikes! We have an old concrete laundry room sink, that we mortared stone to and reused as a planter. We are all about recycling and reusing, but c'mon!


  9. I feel/fear that this photograph might have been taken in the yard of your bug spray lovin' neighbor?

  10. RFG..."confusing" well put! So many questions...

    jenn, great idea! No, I didn't see any fish...but the water was so murky I doubt I would've been able too. And you do need a water canna, they are gorgeous!

    Grace, you know I wondered the same thing, if it was a project stalled part way through.

    PGG, I join you in this old-fashioned attitude.

    Megan, good idea with the bamboo!

    ricki, omg.

    Nicole, perhaps.

    Wyatt, that's a great idea!

    D+N, nope....this is one from my trip north to Tacoma/Seattle.


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