Wednesday, August 4, 2010

plant lust is live...

A brief follow-up post to let you know that plant lust launched yesterday afternoon! Although the catalogue is slim there are still around 700 fabulous plants to discover thanks to the folks from Gossler Farms Nursery, who so kindly agreed to let us start with their catalogue. So when you have a moment check out plant lust, and check back often to see what we've added!


  1. I hope this catches on! It would be nice for it to go national... it has a very clean and easy interface.

  2. I've just had a little browse-nice ! more plant temptation is always a good thing

  3. Ambitious -- i like it! I didn't spend a lot of time but the interface is really nice and intuitive. The layout is clean and uncluttered.

    Not sure that someone looking for a birch tree is going to find it in the plant list, unless of course they know to look under Betula. It does come up using the search function so that's good.

    Might want to do some picture proofing too as the Betula albosinensis gallery has what certainly looks like a set of cedar pollen cones.

    All in all -- SWEET!

  4. RFG, someday!

    Linda, thank you, I agree! Oh and I've been enjoying your pictures and posts but seem forever unable to comment. Your garden is looking great!

    gh1, thank you for all of this, and we'll look into that picture situation.


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