Friday, July 9, 2010

More Bromeliads!

The danger garden has experienced a recent windfall of fabulous bromeliads! The riches are almost embarrassing! (almost, after all you don’t see me saying no right?)The Rainforest Garden (RFG), all the way across the country in Florida, held a contest on his blog a few weeks back and the danger garden won! Along with each beautiful plant I got a detailed description and tons of optimism about the success that they will experience here in my Portland, Oregon, garden.

Aechmea "blue cones"…this one is supposed to be hardy through zone 8, but RFG recommend protecting it until I have a clump. I will do just that.
Quesnelia arvensis...according to RFG these are more terrestrial than epiphytic, so I should pot it up and prop it up until it roots. He says they get pretty big, and are also hardy through zone 8.
Neoregelia hybrid, presumably "blackie head" (WOW isn’t it amazing!) RFG says he protected his and had no damage, but he recommends it goes in a container here in Portland. Definitely! I don’t want to kill this beauty. RFG also says I could even try attaching it to a potted tree! (no soil required)…..uhm….this could be very cool!
Dyckia frigida, (the name just sounds like it wants to be cold doesn’t it?) RFG says: “pot this one up in soil and grow in your garden, possibly protecting it until it gets bigger. It was my only one, so be sure to tell me how it does!”….wait a minute…he only had one and he sent it to the danger garden. Ok…there is no way I am letting this one die.
Since it’s been a crazy busy week and the temperatures have been in the mid to high 90’s I haven’t had a chance to plant them yet. They are being cared for and patiently waiting their new homes. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll get a chance. Thank you Rainforest Gardener!
There is one more new bromeliad addition, a Tillandsia. I found this marvelous orange cage-like thing on sale *cheap* at Z Gallerie, it was supposed to be a candle holder but the glass insert was broken. I just knew I could figure out something to do with it.
Then a week or so later I spied this huge beautiful Tillandsia, sold! I carefully worked it into the cage and hung it from the metal wires under our shade pavilion.
It’s going to be even more amazing when it blooms!


  1. Really like the adapted plant hanger. Amazing job getting the plant inside it. And the cage's color even matches pavilion's supports.

  2. What a bonanza! I didn't know tillandsias were in the bromiliad family. Yours looks great in the orange cage. And that Neoregelia hybrid has fabulous color and pattern.
    I think they all have excellent chances of surviving with the TLC they'll get in the danger garden.

  3. I love how you cage up your air plant :-D Did you DIY the cage? Over here, I found (off-the-shelf) a very small one that's just good enough for those small tillies. Oh, I really like to see that flower in full blossom. Good luck!

    Btw, I hope your new broms will settle well and bloom sooner for you :-D Have a great weekend.

  4. Lucky you - look at all those cool new plants. And I assume at least some of your winnings would be pretty hard to find around here.
    I love tillandsias but never know what to do with them. I love your hanging "planter."

  5. Congrats on the Bromeliad score .
    LOVE love Love that orange color on your arbor
    Fantastic !

  6. That's quite a haul! Ever time I read your blog I become more & more in love with these spiky beautiful plants! When it comes time for me to buy some, expect an email with question ;) Lots of questions!

  7. AnonymousJuly 10, 2010

    Nice!! Loree, you are the perfect person to win this awesome prize. I'm sure your new treasures will thrive under your tutelage.

    The orange re-purposed cage is perfect! Don't you just love a good find?

  8. Brilliant pairing of the Tillandsia and cage. If anyone can make that plant haul thrive, it will be you. Congrats!

  9. Oh man, I knew I had been away too long when I saw that your shade pavilion had turned that gorgeous shade of orange! When was that? Geez, sorry, I have missed a lot. The caged bromeliad is genius! I see a garden magazine photo shoot in your future...

    Congrats on your prize! You are a worthy winner. That purple speckled one is just insane.

    Sorry my blog ate your comment - I found it in the Spam folder and marked it "not spam" so I hope it won't happen again. Sorry about that!

  10. RBell, thank you! Yes I was hoping it would be a match rather than a clash color. Oranges can be difficult that way, I got lucky.

    MuchMaid, oh I hope you are right.

    Stephanie, I'll be sure to take a picture of the flower when it blooms and post it!

    Megan, yes I think you are correct, maybe a few might be at RPR but the fact that I was given them and they came with so much info makes them all the better.

    DD Michelle, thank you! I am very happy with our color choice!

    Laura, well then my work here is done...another spiky convert!

    Grace, I do love a good find! And I do feel lucky to have been given such wonderful gifts!

    ricki, brilliant huh? Wow. I like it! (blushing)

    Karen, hey there! Ya I don't know what's going on with my comments these days. I'm beginning to get a complex! And I hate to tell you but the shade pavilion has always been that color...since the day we put it up. Glad to hear you like it! And you are right about the speckled one...insane indeed!

  11. That is extremely groovy.

  12. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    Oh, that caged tillandsia is to die for. Perfection.

  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The plants are very cool, but I am drooling over that orange shade pavillion.

  14. I've been away from the computer for a while and just had a chance to respond... I absolutely love the tillandsia cage and your overhang with the great color and cables and tin roof! AAAAHH! I want that patio! Karen is right, and Sunset magazine needs to stop by and do a profile on your great garden and blog.
    And no, I can't think of a more appropriate recipient for the bromeliads, especially the spiky ones. Check out for a profile on your spiky quesnelia brom. I thought it was arvensis but the more i think about it it must be q. quesneliana. I haven't seen it bloom since I've owned it, only from the sidewalk of the neighbor who gave me the pups!

  15. Is the cage a large kitchen whisk?

    1. It certainly looks like that doesn't it? Nah, it was meant to be a hanging candle holder, the glass bit was broken so I got it for cheap!


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