Friday, July 2, 2010

Crimes against yuccas

I’ve read a few blogs where the author is lamenting the pineappling of a (formerly) beautiful agave. And even worse…sometimes the agave is in their own garden and they’ve come home to see the hired help has gotten a little out of hand (Germi I’m talking about you!). So I felt a bit of sympathetic horror when I saw these.
These aren’t in my garden (thank god), and I can recognize the skill that went into this job, he didn’t just hack at them…
But really? Just let a yucca be a yucca! If it’s planted in the wrong place (these look like they may have been infringing on a driveway and the stairs) then move them. But please people…don’t give a perfectly wonderful yucca a poodle-do!


  1. they do look odd like that.

  2. Oh my. too funny. I could not figure out what they were. Matti

  3. I have seen so much yucca abuse in my life, people will literally just lawn mower over them here. They are like "oh look at this slightly exotic looking weed it in the way of my boring grass, I must destroy."

  4. Oh God no. Reminds me of how people pineapple canary island date palms around here, and for the same reason, usually they're planted in too small a front yard.

  5. Pineappled irises is what they look like now. Sad!

  6. I've never seen such a thing. An entirely new way to do a weird prune job. I hope this doesn't become a common sighting.

  7. That's the worst! I have seen yuccas cut back hard, usually in a very unnatural straight line where they infringe on the sidewalk. It bothers me, but this example is just too much.

  8. Oh my! The Yucca must be so embarrassed! Think about what the other plants must be saying! It does look odd.

  9. Darla, you know my husband said he kind of liked them!

    Matti, exotic eh?

    Jessica, no! Seriously?

    Rainforest, you know I forgot about that. The palms in Phoenix after a crew has moved through a neighborhood are similarly pathetic looking.

    Pam, oh gosh, you are right!

    Megan, I am with you on that...hopefully we won't see it spreading around town.

    MulchMaid, what your describe reminds me of some agaves we saw in Cali.

    Laura, (hehehe) the poodles right?

  10. AnonymousJuly 05, 2010

    OMGosh, that is just hideous!! Sounds like a WWTT to me.


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