Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 2010 Bloomday

I don’t know what is more shocking…the fact that it’s already July 15th or just how many colorful blooms are showing off this month in the danger garden. Truly, this is weird. I am not a flower gardener. I regularly cut off flowers because they annoy me, yet here I am with yellow ones, red ones, orange ones, blue ones, purple ones, green ones, and even a few white ones. Here they are A-Z ….starting with Agapanthus...Aztec Arrowhead
Corsican mint
Which is growing between the paver steps as they leave the lawn and head to the patio…
Crocosmia 'lucifer' – the bloom of this plant is so darn beautiful I could do a post on it alone.
Echinops 'Arctic Glow'
Eryngium agavafolium
Glaucium comiculatum
Grevillea juniperina 'Low Red' …still blooming...6 months nonstop!
Hosta flowers are rarely seen in the danger garden because they ruin the look of the beautiful foliage (usually they "mysteriously disappear"), but these….I like.
Our Hydrangea
And the Kangaroo paw, bought to treat as an annual, it's not disappointing!
Lysimachia (Chocolate creeping jenny)
Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens, or Black Mondo Grass
Passion flower
Plume Poppy, Macleaya cordata, I think there’s more to come but I love it right now…
Salvia argentea
Sempervivum, tangled up in a Yucca
Verbascum 'arctic summer'…too heavy to stay upright.
And the Yucca! No fewer than 20 Yucca blooms in the danger garden this July! Wow, they are so beautiful. As I’ve said before they’re my version of the tall stellar Agave bloom spikes that some of you get to enjoy.
So what’s blooming in your garden this July Bloomday? I’d love to know…post about it and put your link on May Dreams Gardens, our hostess every Bloomday!


  1. Do you always let your Salvia argentea bloom? I always cut mine off, because it keeps them perennial for me -- if I let them flower and set seed, they act like biennials. But maybe they like you better.

  2. The danger garden is awash in blooms! You must be slipping (kidding!) Yucca blooms are gorgeous, far superior to agave blooms IMO. Love the passion flower, such purity.

  3. aloha,

    i love your photos of your beautiful flowers theres so many, but my favorites are the yuccas, they are spectacular

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  4. what passion flower is that? I love it!

  5. Your blooms are lovely. I wish I could grow corsican mint - I take the plant home and it immediately dies. Must the heat.

  6. Wow, those nicotania look like little happy faces! I'm with you on the hosta flowers... if hosta grew well down here I'd use them just for the foliage effect. Theres actually a yucca blooming near my neighborhood at the edge of an abandoned parking lot. Believe it or not, there are native yuccas here.

  7. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    Uh, sorely missing from your diatribe were PINK flowers, LOL. I know, I know. :) The Kangaroo paw is close but pink in a Danger Garden just wouldn't work, would it?

    Actually none of these flowers surprises me. They're perfect Danger Garden flowers. I'm intrigued by the Grevillea. I have a small G. rosmarinifolia [sp is off] from Fry Road that has two buds on it so I'm hoping for blossoms soon.

    I mentioned that my Hesperaloe is going to bloom. [Yours?] Now it looks like the barely living Yucca I got from the Corvallis garden club plant sale might bloom too. Of course it will look nothing like yours, that milky white next to a bright blue sky--amazing.

    My neighbors have a huge clump of Crocosmia blooming right now and although I'm not a fan of that color, the form and structure of this plant is so cool, don't you think?

  8. Love red, but I'm with Grace in thinking that the swoon-worthy part of the crocosmia is the unopened buds. Did you grow the nicotiana from seed, or find plants somewhere?

  9. Not a flower girl eh? I think your just not a plain jane flower girl. You like the wild stuff ;)

  10. For the Morticia Adams of the northwest (cutting all her flowers off), you have a very nice collection of blooms. Happy GBBD!

  11. I love the Eryngium agavafolium - it looks similar to rattlesnake master.
    That kangaroo paw and the hydrangea look like they were made for each other.
    And boy, oh boy the YUCCA! So wonderful! A house down the street grew it for years then dug it up. I should try to grow it, it is just so beautiful.

  12. Greensparrow, well to honest I am a newbie at growing the Salvia argentea. This is my first year. I fell hard for the big soft leaves and wanted to know more about it before I let it loose. So I grew it in a container and let it flower. Next time...I will be following your lead.

    Denise, superior? Uhm...I don't know about that. The only thing that could possibly make them better is that whole dying after bloom vs. living on thing.

    Noel, and thank you for stopping by again!

    Hi there sjp8987, I hate to say that I can't tell you which one the passion flower is. I bought it at a discount retailer and the label just said "passion flower - white" at $5.99 that was good enough for me.

    Tufa Girl, I'm sorry....I wish you could too, the scent is so amazing.

    RFG, so glad you saw the nicotania faces! I was hoping that someone would. I totally believe that you have native yuccas there. I saw a map once of their 'coverage' it was amazing.

    Grace, well....while I certainly understand your concern I must remind you about the absolute EXPLOSION of pink when my Rhododendrons bloom. It's pink madness. I think that sends my pink meter right over the top. No Hesperaloe blooms found in the garden. So sad. I look forward to seeing yours. And I to love the form and structure...although I wish mine would remain upright. They are so darn floppy.

    Ricki, I would have a hard time deciding which part I like better, I really love them both. I bought the nicotiana seedlings at Farmington Gardens early in the spring. So cheap and faster than seeds.

    Laura, the wild stuff? Uhm....gosh I think you might just have me figured out!

    Les, OMG....that is the BEST compliment anyone has paid me all week! I love it! Now I am going to have to start dressing in all black when I garden.

    Sylvana, rattlesnake master? Never heard of it! You should definitely get a yucca or 12. Easy growers for sure. Find someone who has them and doesn't want them. The dug up ones always bloom faster than the store bought.

  13. Love the variety of plants you have! Very beautiful pics!

  14. Hey, Flower Girl! Hah! I love your collection of "permitted" blooms, particularly the Aztec Arrowhead, that amazing kangaroo paw and that (to me) unknown nicotiana. I've only seen nicotiana in pink and white, which while nice enough, is nowhere near extreme enough for the danger garden. And 20 yucca blossoms! I've observed a bumper crop of them this year in Portland.

  15. I'm impressed at the array, especially as you say you garden mostly for foliage. Not sure I have so many that look that good at the moment, and I am not so flower-averse! I planted a grevillia and hope it will survive in its somewhat odd spot. I keep forgetting to water it, which I know it will need this summer to get established. I got it from Gossler Farms so I'm hoping their info on it was correct, that it will be cold hardy! My crocosmia is the same as yours, Lucifer, and going gangbusters this year. Love the height and brightness of that raging red! I need to get more, mine are regular repeaters but not spreaders. Do yuccas die after blooming?


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