Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More from Jungle Fever

Right next door to Jungle Fever is an amazing garden belonging to the nursery owners. That’s where I spotted the beautiful Agave parryi (var. huachucensis maybe?) that I shared at the top of yesterdays nursery post (unfortunately there were none for sale in the nursery). But there isn’t just one in the garden, there’s three, and they are gorgeous. And there was so much more gorgeous to see…like this blooming Beschorneria.
And a prostrate version of Acacia.
Can you believe this is a Zone 8 garden? (same zone as Portland) I asked the owner, Jerry, to be sure and he confirmed it, while also joking that the last couple of winters were more like Zone 6. But you would never know it.
Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web'
I believe this brown and yellow specimen is a Veratrum Californicum. I’m glad to know my speicman which I bought last March isn’t the only one looking like this.
This is a Fig Tree right?
Walking back to my car I spotted these agaves which I thought look more like a scene from an alley in Southern California….
All in a days travels…to Tacoma, Washington!


  1. Really gorgeous-Ok now I have top go look for seeds of that prostrate acacia.

  2. It's hard to believe that is all zone 8! Things I couldn't dream of having in my yard. I blame you for my recent wanderings in the tropical sections of my favorite plant stores lately ;)

  3. That prostrate acacia is crazy! Great garden find.

  4. Thanks for the two great posts about this place! I'm not far from Tacoma, I've got to check it out. Love that agave with the black tips. Those sure look like fig leaves to me.

  5. That fig tree is positively awesome! I can't wait til I can achieve a similar look with mine...
    And the rest of the garden looks a whole heck of a lot like yours... lots of zone pushing, architectural, silvery, and spiky things to look at!

  6. It's really amazing how green and lush that garden is. I recognize a lot of the plants you've featured but I'm so not used to seeing them growing with such leafy companions--must be the rainfall and the cooler zone. It's really eye-opening to see a different style of succulent garden.

  7. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Hi Loree, I really like the weeping Acacia. Actually each photo is amazing. What a great place. How did you keep from going broke?

  8. His own garden was amazing. I definitely get the sense he was such a fanatical gardener, he figured he may as well open a nursery to support his habit. It's not a bad way to go. Thinking about your comment about heaven in tacoma yesterday, isn't it a miracle what gardening can do for a space? In unremarkable surroundings, in an area you would normally pass right through, there's this little oasis. Makes me wonder why everybody doesn't garden.

  9. I cannot get enough of the gorgeous Agaves you feature, makes me long for a warmer gardening zone!
    The nursery (and private garden) are amazing. So lush and verdant; I love the variety. :)

  10. Nicole, seeds!? Wow. You are amazing.

    Laura, blame I willingly accept.

    Megan, and it looks so perfect sprawling over those rocks doesn't it?

    Alison, please do...and of course then you will need to blog about it.

    RFG, omg....if only. I wish my garden looked even 1/4 this amazing. I would be very very happy. I am just a mere poser and this was the real thing.

    James, great point. Of course up here we take this leafiness for granted but it certainly is a different 'style' that in your neck of the woods (so to speak).

    Evelyn, yes it is!

    Grace, same as at Frye Road. If I just limit myself to a couple of things then I can keep going. Go too crazy ($) at any one place and well, that could be the end.

    Megan, agreed on both accounts. Although I certainly see more evidence of people deciding to garden and going the pansies and mums route. I'm thinking this guy is a Berkeley transplant.

    Miss B, music to my ears! If everyone had an agave the world would be a better place (I joke).

  11. Tacoma is going on my list of desirable locations. I hear they have a pretty spectacular art museum also.


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